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I only need to extend 1 source at the moment. Down the road I will need a matrix so 2.0 will be the thing I will get. Now I have the company selected but need to decide if I should get it now or wait till hdbaset 2.0 comes out. Current setup is a avr with an older sharp tv. I would like to use this decision down the road as I am planning on a dedicated home theater room and gonna put a hdmi port in there to plug anything that comes along. Example is if a budy brings a...
look at hdbaset stuff. while the non hdbaset wyrestorm works fine for the most part switching to hdbaset is a night and day difference as far as picture and sound quality. don't think I have ever seen a 6x6 matrrix. Seen 4x4,8x8 and 16x16. Herd of a 8x6 with 8 inputs.
i had 2 sets of the monoprice versions. They are all now dead. If you want to tie in the one that was shipped DOA which monoprice replaced no problem that makes 3. I now work for a custom integrator. We are playing with zektor at the moment and so far are very happy with it. Don't want to say a good product till we get a few out there and put them through there paces.
this all has to do with audio 1. I have a hdmi maxtrix that has both optical and digital coax out. Is there any difference if all I am doing it going from it to a device in question 2? I do like the coax part as I can custom make my own cables. 2. because of a few 2 channel zones in my house and this matrix I need to convert some stuff from this digital connection to 2 channel audio. example is a ps4. I also want it to be in my game room that has 7.1. but for the odd time...
anyone ever use zektor before? http://www.zektor.com/ my main concerns are 1. reliability on both the receiver end and transmitting end 2. ability to integrate it into other systems, preferably ip
It would be nice if C4, Crestron,Elan and so on could control these devices without ir
With a lot of devices ( tv,players,amp and so on) having a Ethernet port why don't manufactures allow us to using phones or automation devices? Sure better that an ir emitter stuck on a tv or something
need help deciding I am gonna have a few sub locations in my house longest run will be about 60ft. Should I run rg 59 or rg6? what about quad? also for connecting all my equipment in my rack should I go 59 as well or mix 59 for audio and 6 for video(in the off chance some are not hdmi) From what I understand 59 is a true 75ohm cable while rg6 is a thicker center core
need help in solving something I have a 4x4 HDMI matrix and a elan multizone amp. I added a apple TV and need to extract the audio to analog to go into the analog input of the amp. problem I am having is I need to allow all audio codec streams to go though the HDMI. I have seen some devices but I need to disable things like Dolby digital to get the analog to work.
Some time ago I was looking at becoming a crestron installer/dealer. I started looking at there products and doing some research. I then did a sign up and got a few emails. One stated that I need to guarantee that I sell X# of dollars in sales. As soon as I saw that I drooped the research and the plan. Fast forward to now and I am working for a company that does c4, amx and g by elan. I am personally looking at hai training in the future and others to bring to the...
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