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Your input should be configured for the proper HDMI port under system settings but it should also be configured for the proper optical in port. Then use the signal selector to select digital and you should get audio from optical and video from HDMI. As of the combined signal, it sounds like an issue with the origination of the source (PC) and not the receiver. Does a combined signal work if the HDMI is direct to theTV?
Sorry 21.0 is what RCN will deploy.
According to the RCN reps on BBR, RCN TiVos won't get the update until April/May when it reaches 20.1. RCN pushes their software on their own via TiVo. I just got 14.9.2 on my Premiere last week.
When configuring speakers, you either set Surround Back to NO, YESx1 or YESx2. If you select YESx1 and wire the speaker to the SBL terminal you will get the 6.1 configuration.The benefit is that you get an extra channel. You can matrix 5.1 sound to a 6.1 signal and 7.1 content will send the SB content out of the single SB speaker. In my view, you already have the speaker, why not hook it up?
Had a similar issue when I first setup. Unplugging everything including power and reconnecting seemed to fix it.
Movies shot on film and converted to digital will have film grain. That is what you are seeing. Try picking up a modern Blu-ray you will not see the film grain.
What pops up on the AVR display is strictly the source. 2 channel sound only coming from L, C and R is probably due to the processing mode you are using.
Cable box sends a regular 720p or 1080i signal that the TV turns into3D. The PS3 sends a different 3D signal of higher quality. Not sure about a splitter working. Worth a try but there's a lot of variables.
Yep. Now, if replacing the AVR isn't feasible, you may consider a standalone Bluray player with dual HDMI out. That would solve your issue. Lossless audio to the receiver and3D video to the TV.
Your AVR doesn't support HDMI 1.4 which is required for 3D. You can use optical out from the PS3, but it will limit the audio formats you can use.
New Posts  All Forums: