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Noted, thx JBrown!
Yep, you get the second baffle off the second sheet. I used 2 x 2s in my previous build seemed to work fine I'll probably just use those again.
For one enclosure I came up with one sheet to get the front and back, the two port pieces and 3" port brace. A second sheet to get the top, both sides and the second front for double baffle. 3rd sheet only uses 32" x 22" for the bottom so could be used for 3 more bottom pieces. 4.5 sheets total for two enclosures or 9 sheets for 4 boxes. Bracing will be dowels or 2 x 2s attaching panel to panel.
Thx, I coming up with 9 for four enclosures. I'll have to triple check my math.
Just curious, how many sheets of ply did it take for the two enclosures?
Man that's cool!
15" woofer with dual mids, AND a horn the size of seos 15 would be quite formidable if it could all be made to play nicely.
I see what you mean, it is 19.75 to attach from front to back but the center brace detracts from the total. Did you line the cabinets or add any fill/pillows? Also, did your hi pass stay at 16hz and what slope? Thx
I'm getting 19.75 for the width of the port?
Nevermind on the two dimensions I figured it out, 28.25" and 18". I decided on a built and tested design and yours just happens to fit so four it will be.
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