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You won't beat the Music Hall integrateds.They have excellent sound'Build quailty is superb.Over size transfomers and parts.It will make a drastic difference.
What will be the use'HT'or a 2 channel music sysytem or both.How big is the room.What type of music do you play.All of these question come into play.
I would never consider Tubes High end.Their noisy'no bass'No real Hi end system could have tubes involved.Been their done that.You must just listen to AM radio.And Martin Logan speakers are about as good as it gets in some ways.They do things no other speaker can do.Also they have their weaknest LIKE ALL SPEAKERS DO. I have heard mid fi systems blow away so called hi end setup away.Money has no bearing on what makes good sound.But most good stuff does cost.
Good one.I love tubes'I played guitar all my life and they have their place.I just prefer solid state for hifi.I am using Martin Logan vistas right now powered by the new Music Hall a70.2 integrated'MH TT also and a Rotel cd player and oppo.Nothing super hi end but it is really sounding good.Cables are mostly Kimber Kables
Tubes are only good for Guitar amps.They provide no bass at all.Ever seen a Bass player'they all use solid state amps with maybe a tube in the preamp. I would never own a Tube amp for a high end setup unless using a biamp setup with the tubes driving the highs and mids ONLY.
Their are Hundreds of good CDplayers around.What planet are you from. The new Rega apollo is killer'Cambridge'Marantz' Rotel' just to name a few'plus many high ends one's.
I heard the ESL'S 'They had a great sound'but just did not have enough bass and mids.But their transparency and highs were better than any MA rs series speaker.The Vistas are quite a step up from the ESL's.My rs'6 sound like toys next to them.Plus you have to have top tier amps to drive Martin Logans to sound right.
Looks like the controller to my electric Blanket'Do your speakers get warmer when you turn it up.
Yea that is why I did not buy Golden Ears,They sound good not great.I went with a better speaker the Martin Logans Vistas for less money from Audio Advisor.No Tax' no shipping fee'Delivered to my front door with 30 day try out.Now that is service.
I would buy the Martin logans Vistas right now on sale for $2000.These are $4300 speakers.You will have speakers most only dream of.The sound will make you drool.Then later add as money allows.Deals like this do not come around much.
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