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Does it makes such noticeable differences when you use ASIO4ALL with X-Fi in Windows 7? I've stopped using asio feature ever since Windows Vista when Microsoft "upgraded" the Windows Mixer. Also, I had switched to iTunes instead of foobar2000. Also, have you thought of buying an external usb hub with its own power supply? I think it will help with noise isolation and provide "cleaner" power to the usb sound device, whether it's the Fiio E7 or X-Fi. This may result...
I agree!
I see. I use the X-Fi with my Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphone and it sound good to me. It has plenty of power my drive my headphone. I rarely go past 1/4 of the volume bar. With features at this price point, a compromise is made somewhere.
I'm surprise this speaker doesn't get more coverage on this forum or elsewhere for that matter than it should. Based on design and specs, it looks like a great bang for the buck. I've been looking at it ever since it was available for purchase. Unfortunately, there are not many reviews or personal feedbacks on them right now. Please give us your feedbacks once you have some time with them.
MadMartigan69, So what's your verdict thus far with the Fiio E7? I'm enjoying my X-Fi Soundblaster HD more and more as I spend more time listen to music on it. It sounds definitely flatter than my previous XtremeMusic. It has better midrange and image as well.
Please keep us updated with your experience. The Fiio E7 is a very interesting unit. I saw it during my research for a DAC. However, I was just not ready to spend a $100 on the DAC .
I was into the headphone scene, but quickly realized that I like listening to music through speakers rather than wearing something my ears. I saw a friend of mine follows the headfi scene and going through many upgrades because of upgraditis and the urge of more audio nirvana. That was enough for me. Anyway, if you're looking for some headphones for your wife, who may not be an audiophile, I suggest looking for some under $100. I had the sony MDR-V6 and wouldn't...
I don't know about you, but I got information overloaded reading forum review/comments about this DAC versus this DAC, etc. The problem with internet is that there are such vast amount of information available in which one has to filter out objective and subjective comments. People always comment how much one DAC is "so much" better than another one or this DAC "blew" the other one out. Some think they can hear subtle differences between DACs (similar class and...
I'm surprise you think that. I have the UCA202 that I use primarily with a laptop to calibrate my sub with RoomEQ software. I know it's a great value soundcard, but I didn't think it would sound better than the Xonar series, even the entry level one, considering that the Xonar has better DAC.
Please post your feedback/review of Fiio e7 vs X-Fi HD USB. I heard some good things about it, but most said that the uDac-2 is better. Personally, I saw X-Fi HD usb for $85 and didn't think that the extra $45 for the uDac-2 ($130) will justify an extra 50% in terms of audio performance. Therefore, I went with the X-Fi .
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