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The game's dithering is no better on the PS3 version, and its overall more blurry there. If you don't like it on the 360, you'll like it less on the PS3. Don't sit so close to your bigscreen.
My friend has the PS3 version, I've got the 360 version. Since playing and trying both, my friend has traded in his PS3 version and got the 360 version. My 360 has never been that loud to me, hell, I like the audio loud on my audio system anyways so it doesn't matter that much. The reason my friend traded his PS3 version in is because multiplayer on it has been ****, especially during prime time. It works randomly, but is almost impossible after school when all the...
360: 720p, 2XAA PS3: 640p, NoAA http://www.maxconsole.net/?mode=news&newsid=27284
This series is awesome for anime fans. It also has some of the best bonus features and the best use of HDI. You can have the typical PiP features, except you can resize, and even move the PiP around using your remote. It showcases a lot of things that can be done with HDi that you won't see anytime soon on the Blu side probably.
UT3 is a total flop, on both PC and PS3. Their forums are so full of people who were fans but are now downright hostile. Most consider it too much a rehash and the single player is universally panned, especially after how Epic tried to pump up the single player campaign in interviews they gave all over the place. Personally, I think it just doesn't bring enough new things to the table. It plays like all the previous UTs, just a bit shinier. I think people are looking...
UT3 is actually not that bad a game. It can be fun in stretches and a good way to blow 30 minutes of time. However, is it the game I think most of us were hoping for? Did it have the impact that even Gears of War had on the 360 when it was released towards the end of that console's first year? Not even close. I think MS did a much better job marketing GoW. We had commercials all over the place and shows on MTV/Spike talking about the game. The amount of hype...
No real need for an extended warranty, the thing's got 3 years from Microsoft already.
I thought this release was 5 discs on both BD and HD DVD. Thats plenty of room for separate encodes on all the different versions.
It is the same as any 360 basically. It does have an ethernet port. You cannot use your external hard drive as a storage medium for 360 games. You must buy the actual 360 hard drive.
It is too bad Epic slowed the game down on the PS3. Especially in light of the fact that it supports Keyboard/Mouse. I think it was a moronic decision. Mark Rein said it is because the fingers on a controller cannot move as fast as a hand on a mouse/keyb, but forgot the game supports Keybaord/Mouse. UT slowed down is just dumb, no point buying it on either system and the reviews for the PC version aren't exactly exciting anybody. Plus with all the complaints on Epic's...
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