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Duh! Although "Gain Red Low" isn't good English. Perhaps that's the normal Japanese word order?
RGB = red, green, blue L = low color temperature G = who knows A higher numeric value represents a higher intensity for that color.
Oh, you want to know what the configuration parameter codes mean? I don't think anyone understood you that way. Unfortunately, Mits does not publish that information. For some of the parameters, the meaning is obvious from the codes themselves. The meaning of others is obvious because of how changes to their values affect the picture. Yet others are completely mysterious. ISF callibrators have had to determine the meanings of many of the parameters by trial and...
Mitsubishi does not provide any such information. They would strongly prefer that consumers not change anything in the service menu. They do not publish any instructions for accessing the service menu, let alone making any changes. There are two requirements for adjusting the white balance using GRL, GGL and GBL. One is that a black&white picture should be displayed as shades of gray--with no hint of any non-gray coloration (this can be done reasonably well by the eye...
Color Temprature
The "recommended" settings for the 731s, 732s, 733s, 734s, 831s and 833s should essentially be the same. One reason for that is because the amount of variation between all sets of the same model is at least as significant as that between any two models. Another reason is that the 2008 models (introduced in 2007) are essentially refinements of the 2007 models (introduced in 2006), and so are fundamentally the same. The two user-level settings parameters that will vary the...
About an hour. He also cleaned the mirrors. It made a slight improvement--maybe a 10% (at most) improvement in the quality of the picture. It's been two months since my original light engine was replaced. So far, no sign of the problem returning.
The technician who first observed my set at first thought the problem might be dust on the lens. He disproved that theory by simply cleaning the lens--no charge. There can be no doubt. You have the halo/blooming problem. You need to reach level 2 support.
When this thread was named, the only models that matched the pattern were the 731, 732 and 831. Around the same time, threads specific to the 731, 732 and 831 (respectively) were also created. My vote would be to both have threads that are generic to all the 73x and 83x models (many important things are the same--such as the service menu, the available tweaking options, etc.), and also threads specific to each model (731, 732, 7333, 734, 831 and 833.)
The purpose of GRL, GGL and GBL are to set the correct color temperature for the "low" temperature setting. The settings for those in my post is only a ballpark estimate, since they were optimized for a particular set, and each set is different to some extent. To do better for your particular set, you need ISF training and very, very expensive equipment. Lacking that, it's better to leave those as is. Brightness is the most important parameter, is the one that does what...
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