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Thanks for the info. Actually my speakers were already set to 60hz since they are full range speakers. It turns out the problem was that my subwoofer did not turn on when in "auto" mode, but when set to "on" it works fine in stereo. I don't know why it doesn't kick in in stereo when set to auto but it works fine with everything else.
[quote=Djoel;13975041]I got a call on my cell about 6 PM while I was still at work today, and a hell of a day it was for me..simply swamp with work. It was the driver telling me with a thick accent, maybe Jamaican ? That he was going to drop the speakers around 7.00, or 7.30pm. I was like sure, didn't really mind that time. I can wait on the speakers all day tomorrow...He said no I have them in my truck now, and would like to deliver today! I ask my boss lady if...
For optimal sound you should definitely have at least a matching center and fronts. Will the world end if fronts don't match the center..no. I am currently in the process of upgrading my system. I originally had the polk lsi15's as fronts with the in wall Lc265i(in wall center matching the Lsi line) as the center. I sold the Lsi 15's and now have the Dali MKI 800's as fronts. I still have the polk center. In conclusion, after running Audessey on my 905, I rarely...
I'm pretty sure he meant gore considering the present state of his speakers. It would be porn if they were all dressed up and looking pretty
+1 I was wondering the same thing. I find the fact that it has two 12 inch drivers instead of one interesting. I wonder how that compares to a single 12 inch driver with slightly more power. This one in particularhttp://outlawaudio.com/products/lfm1plus.html
Hi Jason, I hope that is not the damage you told us about earlier after unpacking the speakers!
That would sooooooo piss me off. I feel for you man. I hope you guys can work something out for sooner than next Friday.
Aaaargh! If only the seller could wait a few months Although I am going to Vegas in July...........Who knows. Depends how I do
I was just thinking the same thing They look deeper than my 800's! Thanks for posting pics. It looks like this should be able to hold me over until if and when I decide to get the dali subwoofer.
Thanks for the advice. I have it 60hz now but that was just a guess. I will try various crossovers to see if I notice a difference.
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