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I would like to see some pics as well. This type of set up if it works should free up some funds so I can get the Onkyo DV-SP1000/or parasound Amp instead of another sub By the way does anyone have a link to the frequency response curve for the Helicon 800 MKI? I was wondering where I should set the crossover at on my receiver.
+1 I have everything through HDMI at this point
Okay so it seems if we have a budget of about $1,000.00, then for audio first and video second, then these are the best choices from first to last 1. Onkyo DV-sp1000 2. Parasound Halo D3 3. Parasound - Pacd200 4. Nad - T585 5. Oppo 980 Please correct me if I am off.
Thanks for the offer Jason. This is truly a wonderful place! I don't know the exact specs of the Helicon and Euphonia centers but I do know they are different sizes based on the Dali website. Also since I plan on purchasing one or the other by the end of this year I'd hate to have you make a stand for the wrong one because I changed my mind. That being said, I was most interested to see if anyone has tried to place the dali center on top of their non Dali subwoofer to...
I tried that and did not notice any bass coming from my subwoofer. I will check again tonight. Also, I did notice a drop in sound quality when I went from direct to stereo. I have the latest firmware 1.08 and DSP upgrade.
Hi Guys, I have been searching for an answer and what I have found on this forum doesn't look good for me. I have been trying to get the Onkyo to output as 2.1 so I can take advantage of my Outlaw LFM-plus subwoofer. I am currently using the Dali Helicon 800 MKI as my mains and I want to off load some of the load to the subwoofer. I listen using Direct mode and have not been able to do this even though I set the crossover to 60hz.
I agree. So back to my question. So no one here has tried to put their Dali center(Euphonia/Helicon) on top of their other branded subwoofer?
I know it seems kind of off but it is actually for five reasons.1. They seem to be going for great prices on Audiogon.2. They come with the S bracket compared to the Helicon version(I may be wrong)3. If they do provide extra clarity then i might as well go for it since I won't be sacrificing any mid bass or low frequency bass.4. tonally, they should still match5. Hey, it's a Euphonia!
Hey guys. I have a pretty decent subwoofer in the Outlaw LFM-plus and I have seen the Euphonia center at some very nice prices. I was wondering if anyone has tried using a euphonia center with the S bracket and a different brand subwoofer. I don't even know if the bracket would work but I am just curious. I was hoping to get the center first and the subwoofer later.
As a relative newbie I didn't want to give advice but since no one has answered I figure I would help as much as I can. Basically what I do when I listen to speakers are to bring songs I am intimately familiar with. This way when I hear the songs through different speakers or equipment I can tell right away if I hear extra details that I haven't heard before or an extra level of treble or bass extension. I also listen for the "tightness" of the bass with songs to see...
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