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I was wondering if this would work. I seems to have a single end terminated with a biwire terminal. I wonder if I could hook up the single end to the wall plate and then the other end to the speaker. Isn't this the same thing as connecting it directly to the amp?http://www.bestdealcables.com/p-148-...single-ea.aspx
Hey guys, There seems to be a lot of interest in the Parasound brand among Dali owners here so I thought I would ask this questions here as well as on the other forums. Has anyone seen any comparisons between the parasound D3 and the Onkyo DV-SP1000? or any personal experience? They both seem to go for about the same price. Now that I have upgraded my speakers I am looking to upgrade my oppo 980 which I use primarily for SACD/DVD-A playback with my Onkyo 905. Thanks!
Any thoughts on the parasound D3 compared to the Onkyo DV-SP1000?
The cables are actually the same 10 gauge in wall rated speaker wire that i have running through the walls. Only the terminals are monster. I figure what's the point of using different wires than the ones running through the walls.
Has anyone been able to compare the D3 to the Onkyo DV-SP1000?
I'm actually in Pasadena, California but as a Physical Therapist, I use metric when making objective measurements. I still use the good all american inches and feet for everything else.
Thanks! I knew someone would ask me this They are actually about 30cm from the back wall. Dali suggested at least 25cm. I know they would sound better further from the wall but my wife didn't want them sticking out into the living room. Also since they sound great already i'm okay with the location, for now.
Thanks for the suggestion. I wish I could bi-wire or bi-amp but when I wired the house for sound I only put in wiring for a single set of wires for each speaker. The only way around this is if i run cables on the floor across the living room which my wife would veto ASAP and my son would find too tempting to play with. Although... is it possible to run a single run to the wall plate from the amp side and then run a biwire set from the wall plate with a single output on...
I'm not actually sure. I will have to look into that.
Okay guys, I am sorry for the delay but I was finally able to get some free time to take some pics and to SUCCESSFULLY(finally) update the dsp on my Onkyo 905. Man I love these speakers!
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