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Since I had only made 4 posts before the previous one, I was restricted from including URLs. Here are URLs that pertain to my previous post: USB/PCI HD Tuners: http://www.dvico.com Article on HD Inverse Telecine for 7600GS and 7600GT http://www.firingsquad.com/news/view...=1&orig_pnum=6
ManC - you can get an ATSC (HD) tuner that connects to your computer via USB or an internal PCI one. I finally found fairly definitive info on my quest to decide between the 7600GS and GT. It seems the GT is the way to go to take proper advantage of HD broadcasts. Apparently, the GS would be just fine for BlueRay and HD DVD since that content will be properly flagged so flag-based detection will suffice and HD inverse telecine is unnecessary. HD broadcasts, however,...
What about watching HD television? I have a HD tuner that I will use with the computer. Does that mean I should consider the GT instead of the GS? I promise I'll stop bugging you after this.
I am sorry about "hijacking" your thread. I'll admit I'm pretty new to this discussion forum thing. Thank you for responding despite my lack of etiquette. I'll probably do the same as you and just go with the 7600GS which should handle my immediate needs well enough. Thanks again.
I am trying to choose between these two AGP cards. As mentioned earlier in this thread, the 7600GS lacks inverse telecine and bad edit correction for HD content. I have a Westy 1080p set. Do I care about inverse telecine for HD content? I will be using the computer to watch TV (including HD broadcasts) and to watch standard DVDs. If it becomes possible to watch HD DVDs via the computer, I'd consider that as well. Should I just get the cheaper 7600GS, or would I be...
Greetings. I am new to HDTV and am trying to figure out how I can most easily experience HD content at a low cost. I would like to get PBS, the local networks, perhaps ESPN - but I don't need premium channels. I just scheduled an appointment with Charter to install basic cable (not digital - just the basic $16.95 per month package). I also added the $3 per month HD option and $1.50 for a CableCARD for use with my DVR. However, upon further research, it seems that...
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