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I won't go into details, but during a certain scene in this episode, did anyone else think that Dexter looked like a proud father watching a kid ride his bike without training wheels for the first time? That look on his face has probably been the most memorable moment for me this season.
Silverman's comments have been so cocky and uncalled for lately. I'm a big fan of both shows, but to have such an attitude about FNL while boasting a show whose numbers aren't staggering either just exemplifies his maturity level.
Whoa! I just caught the Oceanic Airline commercial towards the end of Eli Stone. Anybody else see it? Edit: Ok, I just watched it again in slo-mo on the DVR. It's a typical Oceanic Airline commercial with an advertisement to visit flyoceanicair.com, but it has footage spliced in from some guy that appears to be a hacker. The url supplied by Oceanic is briefly replaced with find815.com before the commercial ends. The oceanic site works, but I can't get the find815...
Why is 2001 a bad example? It's 7 years older than Jaws. You need to be a bit more concise with your argument. Are we talking about movies in the 40s and 50s, or are we talking about movies from the 60s and 70s?
Watch a 40 year old movie like 2001: A Space Odyssey and you'll realize where your argument is flawed. You are right, the older films weren't shot in HD. They were shot in FILM, which inheriently has a much higher resolution than any of the HD specs. I can see your point about cheap and/or outdated effects looking worse with a higher resolution, but suggesting that we not use new HDM equipment for viewing purposes is absurd in my book.
It's very common for new recruits to do what Smash did and hang out more with the players than the coaches. College coaches have to be very careful about the time they spend with potential recruits, and with all the rules they have to follow, its easier if the new guys like Smash spend most of their time with team members. It happened all the time at my school, and I saw some things happen that were very similar to Smash's dilemma.
Wow, I'm surprised nobody has posted their thoughts on last night's episode. I think the scene with Smash running out of the party in his boxers was the funniest moment I've ever watched on the show. Also, I'm not one to complain about FNL, but where the hell has Street been the past two episodes?
They'll have to find a way.... we don't want a third season with Dex just sitting in jail
Wow. This is hard to resist, as BoB is by far my favorite box set in SD. If I weren't getting married in two weeks I might cave in and drop the cash to double dip.
I've never heard of a 'roshiba' HD-DVD player
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