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Welcome to the club! I'm sure we're going to start hearing several stories like yours starting tomorrow.
What a great finale to an awesome show! The last minute completely threw me for a loop, and its going to be interesting to see what happens next season.
They could use real life footage for the show if needed.
Last nights episode may have been my personal favorite (aside from the pilot). I was already pissed about Hall being snubbed from the Emmys this past year, and his performance last night was more deserving than many of the previous winners combined.
The Sopranos enjoys the unique position in that, however you spin it, the style and quality of the show are impervious to criticism. If you love the way it ended and how it fundamentally changed television, then you're adding to the praise. However, if you hated the ending and are pissed about the direction of the show over the past couple of seasons, then you simply don't get it and are therefore unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I personally think the show...
Definitely one of the best season finales I've seen in quite a while. The ending left the show at a perfect place where it gives us enough closure in the event that there isn't another season, yet leaves room for more in case we do get lucky.
Finally, we got to see a football game! Well, only for about three minutes..... Anyhow, I'm sure I'll log on tomorrow morning and read several posts about the Landry/Tyra murder spree and how it is going to be the doom of network television as we know it. I'm personally not bothered by the story, but I don't want to see the show go to extremes like this all the time to try and reel in an audience. As far as the Julia and Matt relationship, I'm perplexed at how so many...
As predicted, here comes the useless comment by a newbie that could incinerate this thread into flames. Let's not stray into the black hole of AVS again......
I didn't like the movie because it became the classic example of a director's vision clashing with the demands of a studio. Raimi wasn't interested in Venom. The fans, however, were. I like both Sandman and Venom. I don't think they should have been crammed into the movie along with all the other unresolved subplots, including the Goblin/Harry/Revenge angle. Venom has become such an integral part of the Spiderman comic books, and his whole story could have easily been...
New Posts  All Forums: