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you want 10gb capacity?? My take home networking looking at 4k/UHD streaming in context on multiple floors.. is this backhaul should be fibre as core reduces fault finding for 1 and the other when it comes time to UPGRADE it is a simple switch replacement will be needed... talking about broadcasting content over the network then 10gb capacity will be a base requirement.. current cable/aerial/matv/dtv systems are becoming a end of life product given within the 10-20...
now with hdmi 2.0 I thik sony yanked the unit a. due to cost b, due to limitations of lan interface, c. limitations of hdmi interface lack of internal storage... now with UHD on the horizon I think if they wee to relaunch the 400 disc model they need to use a solution suitable with a pin when mounted laser diode... 1 to cater for dvd/cd//sa-cd 1 for bd content and 1 uhd look 10gb networking nor fibre/fiber networking drop the price where aver age joe can buy itin...
that many cables would do my nut in I would tend to start looking at fiber optic cabling for networking between floors,, i'd hate to see the cable tv distribution, looking at the sat Tuner here I have 17+ 4 terminal terminations would be a chunk of change in a half just on that install alone..
feed me photo's
sadly my network warren when it was connected up would of borderlined a living hazard picture 2 adsl routers 1 wifi router 1 av 360 joytech av network router 1 av router ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox 360, snes, n64, wii, wiiu jvc dvd player sony 5-disc and onko 704 yamaha tss-15 that's what my rats nest of cablle wires was
i'd almost call that a fire waiting to happen.. avatar
sounds like the laser has gone, might need replacing.. some cures might right themselves with a usb stick drive or a ssd drive plugged into the back, sony tends to be pretty basic when it comes to OS and memory requirements of loaded disc whether it dvd or bd in origin the please wait sounds like a loading issue with the disc, common issue with all multi disc sony players, can be caused by a scratch, bad formatted disc, anti piracy measures or a general fault when the...
If you want true multiregion without software selection you will require a firmware flash of the bd drive last I checked all pioneer universal players still run the oem brand of matshita who are a offshoot of panasonic so good luck in finding firmware.. you would be better to find another brands that supports universal play.. until then any firmware you download for these players will only address bug fixes in OS the player runs no firmware updates to support file...
downside to raiding you'll be leaving the server on all the time..
general rule of thumb 1.5-2.5 spaces of the largest speaker you install in the false wall.. otherwise to much reflection happens
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