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I didn't mind this one. I had a good laugh at the "brooding" males lusting after the girl toward the end. I was thinking they should just put fangs on them and call it "Twilight 4"
My bad for not explaining myself properly. I don't even remember the series!
I noticed on the IMDB that he was in a Rambo animated series. I don't remember that at all.
Seems a little political, so I'm going to wait and see.
Confirmed as a problem with the Win TV app, not the driver. Went back to 2.7 and all is okay.
Did anyone lose sound on the optical input when upgrading to the latest driver and WinTV7? I did, and wanted to see if there was a quick fix before I roll back.
The same LED increases and decreases intensity when there is HDD activity.
I agree. I don't think the electronics was the problem. I suspect room placement may have been sub-optimal, as you describe.
Run the ir receiver on a long cable out the back and under the bottom of the case to the bottom of the front. If it's too noticible, make a nice little housing for it..
The GD04 has a plate that you affix to the front of the optical drive. I use an RF keyboard, so no need to drill
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