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I've had a number over the years and agree with Heuer, get the biggest one you can. After that, it's all up to personal preference. There are two factors that contribute to noise. The fans and case rattle. The fans can be replaced, but case rattle can be difficult to fix. That is dependent on factors such as fit that are difficult to correct. BTW, I have the GD04, and it is essentially silent. I'm sitting eight feet away from it as I type this, with no other noise...
Those cables are inexpensive enough that you can buy one of each and try them yourself. Sell the one you don't like and continue cabling your system with the ones you do. While you're at it try the DH Labs BL-1. They go for a good price used.
I use the Blue Jeans Cable ones.
Lol! I hate volume wheels. I even modded my Monuel Labs 312B to remove it.
I thought that the description was misleading and was pretty pissed off when I couldn't fit a bunch of drives in it. In the end, I just pulled out the bracked and shoved a SST-CFP53B Hard Drive Cage in between the PSU and the front of the case to hold 3x5.25" drives. I just laid my SSD boot drive in the bottom of the case. I'm actually happy that I was forced to do this, as the cage has some nice rubber mounts that help reduce the HDD noise. Also the side fan blows...
That's what I thought they looked like. I would definitely prefer Cherry.
I find my GD04 to be very quiet as well. Also, the 120mm Demci fan filters that PerformancePC's sell fit right over the fan inlets and stick to the steel case (you have to overlap them a bit on the side with two fans). Very handy and not that noticible as they are black with black mesh..
Before I managed to find a case, I just laid out the parts on one of the shelves of my Salamander Archetype rack. Definitely not a permanent solution
I use the NT-07-775 in my server (GD04 Case) and it is pretty good.
Same here. I have prioritized speakers and maybe a new turntable or record cleaning machine for next year, so I may have to wait for the "115"
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