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My June build 60VT60, which had the foam fix installed by a tech, gets warm to the touch below each fan. I can leave the TV on for ~10 hours straight with no heat issues. Placing my hand on the back results in no discomfort. Mine is mounted on the included stand sitting ~1 ft from the wall.
My 60VT60 is a June build. I had a tech come and install the foam fix. When I shine a flashlight on the right (when viewed from the front) fan I can clearly see the 3 foam strips that were applied. The edge of all 3 foam strips can be seen behind the fan blades. I would provide a picture to show exactly what to look for, but the foam doesn't show in them.
Waiting for someone who read the silver trim removal with a butter knife literally and comes back saying they ruined their TV.
My 720p 42" Panny plasma does a better job with a lot of Dish HD content, but the overall PQ of my 60VT60, especially blurays and better HD content is well worth any trade-off. Not to mention the significant increase in TV size.
Ditto. A post here and there is tolerable, but when these running themes go on and on...
Nope. And I can still hear the fans after the fan fix. It bothered me initially, but now not so much. I just got over it, realizing it wasn't worth agonizing over. So many other positives of the VT60.
LightDims sells a Customizable Edition about the size of a number 10 envelope. I bought one, but haven't used it - somewhat wary since the Panasonic ehelp states not to leave plastic in contact with the TV for extended periods. One might be enough if you don't wrap it around the sides. Two would easily suffice.
MagicFiber Microfiber Cloth
So the recommendation/consensus is to use WOW in default Vivid Mode or should all unnecessary processing be turned off?
So you don't need a LUT device like eecolor to use Native? I don't understand the connection between Native an LUT.
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