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I'm going to try to do the test tones going. I'm not understanding why all of a sudden the AVR refuses to play any of the sources. It first started with the 4311ci not able to shut off ( well it shuts off but then after 10 secs it turns back on) , now this Thanks for the good idea.Edit: No pink noise from the test tones!Will talk later.Dan
Yes I would love audio from my AVR ,I'm just not getting it.Seem like a new issue.I'm done, until tomorrow.Thanks for your help.Dan
No audio out the AVR. I don't know if the 5, 6 times of resetting the processor might have done the trick! I could reattach the network cable and see if the whole ghost/phantom thing reappears. Dan
The receiver isn't emitting any audio ,and it doesn't turn on any more automatically YAY. Perhaps because of the lack of the Network connecting, maybe??? DJoel
The HDMI-CEC on my Sammy pdp is on off, at the moment I can't get into the AVR's menu to make sure if the HDMI control is disabled, don't recall messing with the network standby? I just disconnected the wire out my router from the AVR.ThanksDan
Well I was successful on doing the processor reset did what Jerry suggested and disconnected the Network cable from my , just not getting any sound, nor does the AVR let any audio bypass while it's off, from my Tivo.Thanks duc.Dan
Hey JerryThanks, what's happening during the processor rest is, while I have the my fingers on the off button, and simultaneously on the standard, and DPS buttons, the receiver turns on which out the flashing of the front screen.I'm definitely going to take your advice with doing the reset minus the network cable.I'm surprise to see that I've own this hardware since late Oct 2010.Thanks againDan
Last night before going to bed as posted about I tried to do the Micro processor reset, and the AVR would not allow me to do this function. So I disconnect the main power cord and went to sleep. This morning I reconnected turned my TV on, about 3 minutes the 4311 went on automatically. It took a little longer than before, I was thinking it wasn't going to come back on, but it did! It came back on to the usual source select that has been the Net/USB, I switched it back to...
That's a great point, and pretty much agree.Djoel
And you never had an issue with the 4311 running them alone?I'm not saying the amp section of this AVR isn't robust at all . I had a pair of B&W 802N not to mentioned a B&W center channel which was equally impressive as the fronts, and some 805 in the rears, doing some insane listening. All I can say, never heard the amps straining, never clipping either in my smallish listening space, but I was compelled to add an Emotiva amp for piece of mind more than anything, and...
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