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Thanks Dan
Will PM you today Nick. Dan
Very cool thread. Are these free, and resize for Postering!?!? not too sure that's even a word... Djoel
Me too, all I recall from it is the actor who was a pilot on Lost, and cheese cgi affects Djoel
I'm going to try to do the test tones going. I'm not understanding why all of a sudden the AVR refuses to play any of the sources. It first started with the 4311ci not able to shut off ( well it shuts off but then after 10 secs it turns back on) , now this Thanks for the good idea.Edit: No pink noise from the test tones!Will talk later.Dan
Yes I would love audio from my AVR ,I'm just not getting it.Seem like a new issue.I'm done, until tomorrow.Thanks for your help.Dan
No audio out the AVR. I don't know if the 5, 6 times of resetting the processor might have done the trick! I could reattach the network cable and see if the whole ghost/phantom thing reappears. Dan
The receiver isn't emitting any audio ,and it doesn't turn on any more automatically YAY. Perhaps because of the lack of the Network connecting, maybe??? DJoel
The HDMI-CEC on my Sammy pdp is on off, at the moment I can't get into the AVR's menu to make sure if the HDMI control is disabled, don't recall messing with the network standby? I just disconnected the wire out my router from the AVR.ThanksDan
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