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LOL, me and my gal have lunch at one of their many location every other day at 39 St 7th Ave, small world Djoel
Is UK any where close to NY I could use some help setting up my HTPC Djoel
I have a good amount of movies already done, I just need to structure cover art, folder, files,to a pretty package. I can play the movies easily enough it's just not as elegant as I would like it to be.Music, I have to pay extreme attention to detail, as I don't feel like doing it more than once! I have over 1000 CD's or so, not including my gals, not a fun task to get wrong the first go.DJoel
Yeah, I'm beating up my last century mind to submission, sorting all this out with my new HTPC is not easy to grasp ( for me), files, folders, folders inside files, Flac, WAV,WMC, is enough to make one bump all the gear at your nearest recycling station. BUT, I'm going to do what ever it takes to truly understand as much as I can, as I get it will be to my benefit at the end, unless it end of me first!Djoel
I enjoyed that one for sure, face right off , Darn we need some zombie smileys at least on this thread! LolDjoel
In the Talking Dead, someone mentioned there was some sort of upraising by the workers against the club members which explains the hanging zombies!
WOE awesome room, for 50K I consider this a bargain ! Bravo. Djoel
If you could let us know what you think of these that would be mighty swell, I've been thinking of these for a few months now.Djoel
Thanks JD Dan
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