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Thanks Jerry, I don't think that up loading the settings back have ever worked for me, "User error" But I'll try it again at this present time that I'm a little more wiser Dan
Looks like I'm going have to reset the Micro Processing all over again Arrrrrrgggggg DJoel
Thanks I'll try that once I get home tonight.Djoel
OK, I have been trying to figure this out on my own playing with the menu setting but nothing seem to fix my issue. I turn it OFF from watching TV using my Tivo, I have it under DVR, after a few seconds 10 or so, it automatically turns right ON and it goes to another setting USB/network? It's becoming a little frustrating, it happen a few days ago my GF said it just started doing the above issues when she tried to turn it off. I'm thinking she pressed a few too many...
I love it my kind of slice of heaven! Djoel
Beautiful work, Djoel
I have hankering for some Red heads, or Strawberry blond ! Djoel
Lovely pair of feet and leggs.Djoel
Hm, I might just take you up on that service , free is seldom seen these days!CheersDan
They beat one of their gang pal to death, and then stuck an arrow in his eye. A few weeks back when they entered the house where Rick, Carl, and Michone stayed at one was chocked out for a squeaky soft bed?I wouldn't have pass it from them to do all sort of horrid things to strangers at a drop of a dime, Joe was happy with things being the way they were (Apocalypse).Also those rules were just for Joe, and Joe only. It kept the illusion of order, while he said who got...
New Posts  All Forums: