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So there's only 3 episodes left, a whole lot can happen in three epi, and then again there it could really slow down. I'm thinking who ever took Beth they're heading towards Terminus Djoel
I thought the woman that plays Maggie accent was a little subdued last night on Talking Dead. she's beautiful never the less. Sasha shouldn't have straighten her hair, I like her with her curly hair better.DJoel
Purchased these two DVD-A the other day R.E.M Automatic for the People Jazz at the movies band Bedroom Mixes DJoel
Agree 100%DJoel
I'm going to put it out there, this was one of the best Epi's I've seen a long time, lots of tense moments. Looks like Darrell is back to the dark side, Maggie and Sasha have some awesome legs Djoel
I read Philip Seymour Hoffman had one week left on the second, and last instalment of Mockingjay, I'm sure they'll figure something with a little editing magic.DJoel
I enjoyed it immensely, hate the first one. You'll love it.Dan
I have this for a while now , but have yet to crack it open I sure it's my lost Djoel
My last intern from who happen to be Japanese gave me a CD from a group call BladeMarker which it's pretty cool as well, it kind of shocked me when listening because she so shy, never thought she would listen to tunes like this lol. I just can't find any of their tunes I youtube. Crazy Thanks for sharing. Djoel Edit: Found a video on youtube... They're call Blademark, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhvsxuvhXP0
Odd I don't recall ever seeing this one, is it new?ThanksDjoel
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