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A Poster on DBSTalk said that the Directv HDLiL for Lafayette is now in TEST, and would be up in a month or less time.
KLFY always had decent PQ and then they have to go and do something like that... DirecTV needs to hurry up and light these channels up HDLiL soon. I heard summer 2012, so it's getting close.
I read that Lafayette, LA was listed by Directv's website as on schedule to get HDLiL by the end of 2012. Took long enough!
Yeah, I didn't think I'd like this show, but now it's on my DVR list. I don't find that criticism to be valid at all. Sounds like someone just doesn't have the right taste for the show.
Alexandria added HD-LiL today as I've been told.
So KPLC is HD-LIL on DirecTV now, but Lafayette still gets Jackson, MS NBC?
What happened to the skits? They are back in creative prison at NBC/Comcast, and the guy with the key is saying "neener neener neener..."
Can't get the locals out of Lafayette if Lafayette doesn't even get them
Absolutely true. At least for me. I've been watching Conan since I was 12-13ish, and now at 22, I never miss a show. But I rarely ever watch live at 11p/10c. If I don't watch on DVR, I absolutely "marathon" the week's worth of shows on Saturday morning or Sunday Night.
The only fuss I heard about was how bad it was... Doesn't really give me much reason to care
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