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Thanks for your time 41.1 is PBS 50.1 In ABC Only area I can get is Scranton Wilks beirie area They keep poping up whenever I recan http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3d5b94bc575ec243
UPDATED Today I installed my AntennaCraft-HBU55 and Antenna Direct PA18 Uhf/Vhf Pre Amp kit With just the AntennaCraft-HBU55 my reading are 22.1 Signal 38 28.1 Signal 39 Picture is kinda breaking up here and there Then installed the Antenna Direct PA18 22.1 Signal 72 28.1 Signal 82 41.1 Signal 22 50.1 Signal 16 22.1 and 28.1 came in great As for 41.1 and 50.1 they don't come in but the stations pop up when I do scan for stations on my tv. Any of you think this will be...
I used to be able to get 41.1 PBS about 6 years ago with the 91xg But now nothing..I will look into the Antennas Direct PA18 .Thanks JT
Seems that the 2 stations that I pick up are VHF 22.1 and 28.1 All the other stations in that area are UHF (I thought UHF would be more easy to pick up?.. Would the AntennaCraft 30dB High Gain TV/FM Mast-Mounted Amplifier 10G212 for $35 would help? Or maybe a CM or Winegard would be better amps?.Thanks allll...JT
Well I just put up my AntennaCraft-HBU55 outdoors Seems that I only get 2 stations at this time (Signal is 47 - 50} 22.1 CBS WYOU and 28.1 NBC WBRE(it seems that I am in a YELLOW area for those 2 stations from TV Fool} where as 16.1 ABC and 56.1 WOLF FOX That are in RED from TV Fool that I cannot get. Maybe a AMP will help? If I remember when I bought my Antenna Direct 91XG 4 - 6 years ago I was able to get the ABC but not FOX at that time and I had read many stations...
Just ordered a AntennaCraft-HBU55 for $95 with shipping I felt the price and reviews were good on the antenna. Feel this antenna will work well and if I need a amp then I will get one. But for now this seems like a decent deal.thanks all....JT
I like the AntennaCraft-HBU55 and its about $20 - $30 cheaper I also like the Winegard 7698 that is the same price as the winegard HD7084P Seems all 3 antennas are just as long? And the more I look at these the more I get confused I understand that the Winegard HD7084P will pickup channel 1 - 6 (That I don't get in my area} but thought maybe the 7698 antenna would have been abits shorter in size?.Thanks JT
http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3d5b9494d2a79129 Leaning now towards the winegard HD7084P
I posted in a few different places to get as much advise I can get. Seems the CM4228HD is the antenna I will get but I am sure I am more in the valley then you are in Minn lol thanks.......JT
When I go too channel 13 it takes me too channel 22.1 WYOU Just a black channel with a signal of 45,,,,,think I need at least 50 as a signeal Maybe its best to buy the Channel Master 4228HD since it has Higher VHF 7- 13 with it.....Thankssss.JT
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