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Hello, I was wondering if folks would be kind enough to provide me some insight into my situation. I currently own a Primare SP32 AV processor. For the past 2 years, it has needed 2 separate repairs for the same issue. Namely, with any audio-video sources connected via HDMI (e.g. Blu-Ray, Cable TV, HTPC), there is video output, without any audio. In fact, I can also site the exact sequence of event when the system fails. Specifically, I power up the processor, and...
Just a brief comment here as I also own both the 46XBR3 and Motorola DVR. I think Petmic10's settings are pretty impressive overall. I did tweek the settings a little, for my taste. With regards to the DVR, I was wondering if anyone else can comment on their experience with the advanced settings. There is no "auto" mode, but I have selected 1080i at this time, with 4:3 override at 480p. Just curious on other's experiences. Thanks, in advance.
I have a 46" XBR3 without the clouding issue. The only "imperfection" I have is a "stuck" red pixel on the bottom left corner of the screen. Not teribly bothersome unless I am staring at the pixel less than 3 feet.
Hello Greg, If it bothers you enough, then you should make the exchange for a plasma. From my standpoint, off-axis viewing is decent in my family room. So from a practical standpoint, it's a none issue for my family members. If others in your family are also troubled by it, it's a slam dunk. Obviously, your video source also makes a difference. Hope this helps.
I'll check on the model number of the Motorola cable box when I get home. I currently am hooked up via component video, but there is a HDMI output from the box. I am working on getting a higher end HDMI, being that I am an "audiophile" and probably soon a "videophile". My question to you and others are the following: having you made adjustments on the signal output, i.e. 1080i, 720p, etc. My current setting is 1080i with 16:9. With 4:3, it is at 480p. There have been...
Just upgraded to HD recently, through Time Warner Cable here in SoCal. ESPN broadcast of MNF looked great on my XBR3. No complaints here.
Oh boy, what do I do now? I was set on the KDL46BXR3, and have already ordered the set. Now, the Sharp with presumably better specs and larger screen size, at a similar price point. Video inputs are certainly limited as compared to the XBR3. I may just have to cancel my order and wait to compare. Anyone in a similar situation? It really is difficult for me to expect a significant difference in picture quality, but I just don't know. Thanks.
How about all of the above? (i.e. Windows, Games, Movies, HD, SD). Thanks for sharing. Sorry about being so "greedy".
I ordered my 46XBR3 at the Best Buy/ Magnolia Hifi store in Pasadena. There are other specialty outlets carrying them, as well. At most places, you have to preorder this set. Other places you may try include the following: Tweeter, Ken Crane, Leigh Adam (in Ontario). Fry's and CC are not planning to carry the XBR3s. Hope this helps.
As previously noted, my understanding is that the current generation of Sony and Samsung LCD flat panels are made in the same plant. Is anyone able to verify this? If this is the case, the differences between comparable models of the 2 brands should be relatively limited. Video processing certainly may favor one brand to a certain extent, of course. Secondly, would also the current owners be able to tell me where this set (LNS 4696/ 4096) is manufactured? Thanks, in...
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