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I don't think I've ever seen a local retailer beating out Amazon's price and with Prime, movies get to my house on release day. Even if Wal-mart is still less than Amazon by a dollar or two I don't have to drive to wal-mart, deal with the crowds, or pay taxes.
You guys actually go to places to buy things?
I find that hard to believe and a google search came up with nothing. Source?
No idea. A theory I had was that they were testing the waters with the 3d digital download--by releasing the 3d disc in other countries, they could get an idea if more or less people were buying the download in comparison. However, since they seem to be doing zero promotions for said 3d digital download, I don't think that is actually the case. There's something fishy about this whole scenario.Why they have been making what would be some of the most sought after 3d...
I agree. To me this is more a contest of iTunes and Blu-ray, as Vudu is very noticeably inferior to the two. It was hard to spot the difference between iTunes and BD in some of the screenshots. I could always see it after a while but it wasn't always very obvious.
That is one awesome theater! Question though: is there any reason for arranging the subs both pointed to the left side? If I were to go on a whim, I'd point them in opposite directions but I don't know if there is a difference between the two, much less an advantage to either approach. I like how you barely notice the beam.
$35?!? I'm glad to see that they got rid of the cost of making and distributing discs yet choose to charge us more for a sub-par digital download than for any of those pristine blu-ray discs.Can't say I ever thought of digital downloads in that vein. If you're only able to get the movie from one place, that one place can charge you whatever the hell they want--there's no competition.
I keep hearing about this show. Might have to watch it. Couldn't they have gotten a different name though? If it wasn't for all the talk about it I'd either think "reality detective show" or "True Blood: the Detective Stories"
There was plenty of bass in Gravity that shook my floor and couch. Anything deeper than "couch-shaking" is superfluous to me. I'm not sure what frequency that is but I think it's around 18-20hz. Course I have huge, open room so my opinion on that will change when I get a dedicated room that will enable some intestine massaging.
What the crap!?--Pacific Rim also got passed over for sound?? That mix is absolutely fantastic!! The Academy surely does not like robot movies.
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