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Hmm. There is no Hulu or HBO Go on this TV? I could have sworn I had HBO Go at one point and time but it's not there now.
Any way to program buttons on the remote do things? I have Dish Network and I'd love to program a 30 second jump instead of the current FFWD method.
Is LG pretty much don't with GoogleTV?
Netflix has been crap the past few weeks for me. Stuff thats SuperHD is barely reaching 480p (at best, according to my Oppo). I have 18MBPS on AT&T U-verse but can't manage HD quality for Netflix. Vudu tests how I've reached HDX level (it caps out at the top)., and streaming stuff shows HD. It's a wired connection...yet crap for Netflix. Anything I can do to fix this issue?
What's the best place to sell my region free Oppo 103? EBay seems risky with an item priced this high.
Anyone find a way to make "Menu" go to my DVR menu (Dish) and not have to click external devices and finally DVR?
Unless you count the 'classic' Macbook Pro which hasn't received an update in a year and a half, Apple hardware no longer comes with disc drives.
Still no update.
It's probably going by Serial #. Still, no idea why not just give it to everyone. Somehow MS/Sony etc. can do it for millions of users at once but LG can't be bothered by thousands? Really weird.
Maybe I'll just skip this update till they fix the bugs...
New Posts  All Forums: