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That's really funny, considering I've confirmed the issue myself by posting captures via 1080i directly off the PS3's output.http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showp...&postcount=169
It was fairly good, though I think a bit over hyped :P Had I gone in with lowered expectations I might have enjoyed it more. The picture quality was insanely good though. Having popped in the other versions, its like night and day.
Some shots, it looks fantastic!
Just popped in my Best Buy in Scranton, PA. They had it Only one left now, I couldn't resist. Snapped it up, will be watching it for the first time. Hopefully it wont disappoint!
Lost, please!
Hahaha, was that the stunt actress?
They both look pretty bad, but the MPEG2 retains more detail at the cost of introducing artifacts. Meanwhile the VC1 just smears the **** out of the details. Its a toss up to what you would prefer.
The store signs are blurry in the HD-DVD encode when compared to the blu-ray. How large were these again?
Same here, I take notice a lot more now what studios are putting movies out
Hey Xylon, Just wanted to say your shots are proper. I took some shots via PS3's output at 1080i, and they match up nearly perfectly (though mine have a slight tint of green which can probably be explained by the capture card). Heres some shots for your own comparisons:
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