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Mine, Added 10 after the BOGO
Good to hear they are doing it with HD-DVD too I love competition!
TRUE HD is on the back, Thats the remaster Also guys! I just got Best Buy to match the BOGO deal! Picked up Robocop and Dracula for BB after proving the deal was going on by showing my Circuit City receipt the manager put a call in to the front desk and set me up Heres my haul:Tally: Code: Circuit CityStargate 12.50300 15.00Patriot 12.50Punisher 12.50Corpse Bride 12.50Fifth Element Remaster ...
Guys, they arent BOGO (although they basically are) They are 50% off. You don't need to purchase more than one title. Thats what it rang up at my CC in Dickson City PA. So awesome Stargate - 12.50 300 - 15.00 Patriot - 12.50 Punisher - 12.50 Heading back tomorrow to see if they have Robocop and such in!
Edit: Whoops, didnt catch that dual format line. rdjam, what Blu-Ray Player do you own?
Cheaper to produce, but do they sell as much? Charts say no. Pick your poison. I do find it funny that some users are attracted to the price that studio's pay per disc, when on average the end user pays the same for both formats.
Its such a silly thing to be buying for movies. Since when is upscaling a good thing? 1080p movies will look worse than on a native 1080p screen.
I cant believe you used a "Genesis does what Nintendon't" tagline without it being a joke
Hasnt this been a standard for PC monitors for a while now? IE This is not new news?
This is absolute snake oil. A disc cleaner will not affect the quality of your disc's data. If you have any understanding of how a movie is encoded and stored on the disc you will realize how ridiculous the claims are.
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