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I would have to agree with Tom. I have had issues with the dvd player skipping from the bass. I had to redo the cabinet design. I created a separate compartment for the sub. I have a talon Roc sub but the room is 15x25.
I really like the trimwork. The ceiling makes that room!
Sears has the Eclipse black out curtains and drapes for 50% off through 1/9. The insulated backing saves energy by keeping the heat out of your room and providing an insulated layer to keep winters cold out. The Backing also helps reduce noise coming through the window. I havent included links so I hope this post is ok. I just thought someone may find it useful.
Gotta say I have owned the hd72 for over a year and a half with no problems at all. I even purchased an extra bulb in case of problems. Haven't had to touch it yet, thankfully. Just thought I would give a good experience with the Optoma for those who think all the 72's are worthless. If anyone is interested in purchasing the extra bulb I have, pm me and we'll work it out.
Ive gotta throw a plug in for Projector People as well. They helped me get a 400 dollar rebate instead of a 300 rebate by changing the purchase date by one day!!
I am looking for opinions on the Monster 7000. I know everyone talks about how overpriced Monster in general is, but would you say its a good product? Would you recommend something else?
Has anyone ordered custom framing from them? I need a seragraph framed which is about 36x40. JoAnn's quoted me around 250 with tax if I used a 50% off coupon. Single matte (is that how you spell it?) and basic wood frame.
I've gotta say projector people were very easy to work with when I purchased my projector. They sold me an Optoma hd72 with a free bulb warranty. This was my first purchase and I never knew you could buy a bulb warranty. It has been a life saver and warrantech has always been easy to work with. I would highly recommend the option!!
Sean If you are on audiogon alot you may want to look at the dealer demos of the talon audio speakers. I have the Raven C's for my fronts. My rears are basically an older version of the falcons. I really like the setup. The maggies are a great speaker, I would love to hear what the differences are between those and the Vandersteens!
Planet Earth Disc 2 has some deep bass in multiple parts. I couldn't tell you how low it goes but I would definitely add it to the list. This is the disc which talks about caves etc.
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