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Thanks! For sure, will do.
I run an XPA-3, powering my B&W 703(L,R) and HTM7(C). I was running all 5 channels off of my AVR, Onkyo 707, at one point until the XPA-3 came into play. I can say I'm honestly happy that I came across a bargain on the XPA-3, because if I would have paid full price I would have been disappointed. I noticed really no difference, I don't think... I try to really listen for differences and alias I think it's in my head. I still have the 707 running the rears and now my front...
Thanks. I did finally settle on the HTM7 because I couldn't find the HTM3s and for now, it does suffice and sounds just fine. Honestly until I get the new AVR and really dial things in... I'll just hold onto what I have. I am currently running a separate XPA-3 for the LCR. The remaining 4 speakers are controlled by the AVR. I am not planning on removing the XPA-3, just upgrading to have the ability to run 2 subs w/MultiEQ XT32 -- Possibly going with a Denon 4311.
Thank you. And thanks for the offer re the speakers. At this point, I'm ok for now... I just upgraded a few months back and am fairly happy. The 703's, IMHO, shine compared to what I've used in the past. I'm not sure I would notice the difference if I were to upgrade... My next move is a Sub or 2 subs and a new AVR. Waiting until the holiday season for the AVR.
Hello all: Below is my system / setup that is ever evolving. Very happy at this point where I'm at right now. Just looking to add a sub now, after my recent sale of the old SVS. Basically I will show a before and after shot of my speakers. Note the new AMP in the updated pic with the 703's. Before: With the 600 series. I enjoyed these for a number of years at my old house and just for a few months in the HT setup. Now: I came across a local, single owner, set of 703's....
While I have no idea if it would work, I love the idea and would think if you could get it to work... it would be a very cool effect. Cheers
A few additional pictures of the Patio per request.
Sure glad I snagged my B&W 703's when I did. Found a local guy who bought them new, 4 years ago and used them in a 2-channel setup. Basically put them in one spot and that was it, what really sold me was he invited me over for a listen to confirm who mint they were. Fast forward a few months later and I finally found a matching center, decided to drop on the HTM7 vs. trying to hunt down the HTM3s (Which I would still opt for). The Onkyo TX-SR707 that I currently use, the...
GRANDSLAM still works. Total: $1,367.10
Pics of the rock speakers and planter speakers. And porch speakers. The 8050 is running the sets, sounds great.
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