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Why couldn't it be anything else? The bomb changed everything. The reality of the flash sideway is similar, but not exactly the same as the reality of the island. On the island reality we know that Jack's Dad's coffin was on the plane, but it's not on the plane that landed at LAX. So maybe it is October when the plane landed.
Yes, the XP mode would be useful for apps. But for a dedicated HTPC, I personally wouldn't need the XP mode. My plan is to purchase an OEM copy of 7, and I would have a decomissioned XP license or two laying around. So for a dedicated HTPC, it seems like Home Premium with teamviewer or vnc. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.
Ahh yes, should be Professional not Business. Still in 'XP Mode'. Post corrected.
The earlier 32 vs 64 bit os question thread prompted me to think about which win 7 version. Since HomePremium/Professional/Ultimate all have WMC, is there any reason to choose Professional or Ulitmate over Home Premium? The only feature I came up with is RDP, but there is freeware available. Steve
Actually there's probably a 4th. We're told by Minkowski that he went to the island with another person on the ship (I don't recall who), and the other person exhibited the same symptoms he has/had. This other person ended up "in a body bag" per Minkowski. And reaching, there may be a 5th. In the alley Michael and Tom ("Mr. Friendly") were fighting, and Michael hit him on the side of the head with a bottle (as well as threw a few punches and attempted shooting him with...
huh? Des and Siad are on the freighter Dec 24th, so the freighter had to leave at least a week before then in order to make it to the South Pacific.
Can't you create a sequence w/ the first 5 commands (Step 1), then create a 2nd sequence using the "Step 1" sequence as the first command and add the 6th step as the second command? I belive I read a post where someone created a 20+ step command using this process.
The Onkyo is rated at 1080p for video. When video is received via HDMI, no transcoding is needed (i.e. converting from component/composit/s-video in to HDMI out) meaning there should be no loss or degredation of signal.I agree, it sounds like your receiver is encoding the DD or DTS to 7.1 (which in theory may actually be degrading the audio singal). If your receiver can accecpt multichannel pcm you will be able to pass through the lossless audio. On the other hand,...
The only way to receive the lossless Dolby (DD+ or True HD) is via HDMI. The player will decode and send the audio lossless via HDMI, or will down res it and send it as DD via optical. This Onkyo cannot process the lossless audio, but can pass it through via multichannel pcm. This Onkyo can process the DD from the optical. If you are happy w/ the sound, don't change. One thing, the BluRay shoud upconvert your SD DVD's, but only via HDMI. Which may be one reason to...
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