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Walk into best buy and check the prices on the shelf... they're drastically different than what they're posting online. They're selling the X3000 for $700, but online price is showing $900.
For those still thinking the 87S has HDMI 1.3, I don't think it does. UMR has pointed out that these sets do use different chipsets.Also, there is also no mention of xvyCC in the HTLxx87S manual. I've seen a screen shot of the 89S setting where you can turn it on, and it's not there on the 87S menus. Even if the innards are actually 1.3, they've at least turned it off via firmware in this regard.
For those wanting the foot dimensions, the HLT5087S foot is 39" wide and extends the depth of the set. (My TV is kind of wedged into it's spot for now... I couldn't get the tape measure back there for the exact depth.) It appears to be one with the set, so removing it will take a saw of some sort. Of course, you'll probably cut through important internal pieces too. I'd recommend against it.
Dangit I got my TV today but I can't find my stupid AVIA disc. Kagaden- are you gonna put the latest pictures in your original post? Thanks, jon
Manual Page 56: Setting the Light Effect You can turn on/off the blue LED on the front of TV according to the situation. Use it for saving power or when the LED dazzles your eyes. 1 Press the MENU button. Press the ◄ or ► button to select Setup, then press the ENTER button. Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select Light Effect, then press the ENTER button. 2 Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select Off, In Standby, In Watching, or Always, then press the ENTER button. Press the EXIT...
Hmm.... that photo only has 2 (two) HDMI inputs. I cross-checked it against the owner's manual, and there's a different layout. Methinks soemthing fishy is going on at Crutchfield. Edit - looks like a set of inputs off the HLT5075 to me.
Hey can anyone use the links in the first post? They've stopped working for me.
Thanks htwaits... I didn't know what I was getting into when I started this... I just kind of got excited and wanted to post on the owner's thread. Anyhow, if you (or anyone else for that matter) wants something added to the first post, let me know. It's gonna have to be one long post though, because I didn't grab all the other real estate around it.
Ok, I updated the first thread with some links. Amazon is showing the set is shipped with an estimated arrival of 11 April.
Well, my '02 ('03?) Toshiba 50HDX82 crapped out the other day and I ordered the HLT5087S from Amazon. I looked for the owner's thread and couldn't find it so here we are. I have an estimated arrival date of 9-11 Apr. Pics, opinions, and dimensions will be posted upon arrival. Info per htwait's request:General Info: This thread is all about the 2007 Samsung HLTxx87/89S LED DLPs. Each series comes in 50", 56", and 61" versions. All of these sets are 1080P and appear to...
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