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Thanks! I'll go with the 1 -> 1 cable then. Ordered both the 12ft and the 25ft. Hopefully I can get away with the shorter but it'll be tight. Thank Gods for Monoprice, where stuff is so cheap you can just order both. Now if the sub arrives before the cables, I'll be staring at it frustratedly for a while. On the other hand it'll give me chance to complain to Newegg about the presumably mal-attached port tube and I can get the trip to Lowe's for some epoxy out of the way.
Just jumped on this deal. This will be my first dedicated sub. I'm excited!And already I don't know what cable to order. My receiver (Denon AVR-E300) has the typical one-RCA-plug subwoofer pre-out. Pic. However, reading the RW-12d's manual, it says that you use 2 RCA cables to connect the receivers pre-out to the L/R in, or one RCA cable to connect the receivers LFE out to the 'left' RCA in only. So am I supposed to get a 1 -> 2 RCA cable or a 1 -> 1 RCA cable?I can't...
Wait, so Westinghouse tech support was wrong when they told me it did? And I should abandon all hope of finding a HDMI -> 5.1 SPDIF?
The manual doesn't specify it. I just got off the phone with support. They told me it had that functionality but were worried whether I realized that I would need a receiver to connect speakers. So I'm a little concerned whether they really realized what I was asking.
Thanks for all the replies so far. So it seems that there isn't a list yet on which TVs pass 5.1 from HDMI to SPDIF out. As to the question why I don't route through the receiver: I have a limited budget and already possess a Denon AVR-1804 that sounds just the way I like it with my speakers. I don't want to replace that. So maybe someone can help me with a specific model: I'm eyeing the Westinghouse VR-6025Z. Can anyone confirm whether or not it passes 5.1 from at least...
I need help with something very basic. I'm looking for a new TV that does 5.1 passthrough from HDMI to the SPDIF out. Based on the manufacturers' websites I can't figure out which ones do that, as opposed to converting to 2.0 PCM. Is it a brand-specific thing? Model specific? Is there a list? Thank you very much in advance for any help.
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