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No gaming or Bluray with this build. Just standard DVDs, Divx, and some light surfing/e-mail. RF
I was wondering the same thing...looking to build an budget HTPC with onboard graphics. The nVidia website shows that the new drivers are for the 7050 and 7150. Any one have experience with either of those? RF
Thanks! Looks like this is about the best thing going for DVRs right now...
I have read (in this forum) about the digital channel drop out....I'm not sure that I understand the problem exactly though. The digital tuner only loses the digital channels sometimes? Since I only have analog cable, would I only see problems (possibly) if I tried to tune an over the air digital channel? Guess I am a little lost with the Digital vs. Analog tuner... RF
Thanks for the quick response! I have analog cable from Comcast...any issues with analog cable and this machine? I'm a little gun shy after a bought a DVR a couple of years ago from Wal-mart that would not allow you to chase play a timer recording in progress...it also continously recorded what ever channel you were on. Can't remember if it was a Philips or Panasonic... RF
I had the same problem on my 640...certain Divx files just wouldn't play.... I discovered, after many frustrating hours/days, that all the files that would not play were reported as 25.0 fps by G-spot. All others play fine for me... RF
Hey all! I am a happy PIO640 owner looking for second DVR. I've been very happy with my PIO, but this Philips caught my eye. I seem to remember an older Philips or maybe a Panasonic DVR (I've looked at so many different ones over the past year I can't keep them strainght any more), that you could NOT 'chase play' your timer recording that was in progress. Before I order this one, I just wanted to make sure that you could actually watch, pause, rewind a timer recording...
Not exactly the same scenario, but I get the "No Disc" error when I switch discs in the DVR. It usually occurs when the machine is powered on with a disc already in there, and then when I switch discs and try to go to the disc navigator, I get the "no disc" message. This only happens with a disc that Divx files that I have burned on a +R or -R with my PC. The solution for me, turn the DVR off, and then back on, and then it will recognize the disc... Where oh where is...
I will definately give them a call...for some reason I seem to remember a blurb in the manual that was a disclaimer saying that some Divx files may not play (but I can't find it right now). I may be getting myself confused with the DVR that I tried before the Pioneer... I guess my next step is to try and re-encode the Divx at 25 fps to 24 fps and see what happens... RF
Well, I am coming closer to solving the mystery of certain Divx files not playing.... The Divx files that were not playing appear to be PAL encodes...GSpot reports the frame rate in the problem files at 25 FPS (which I believe is a PAL ecode). All the videos that play fine in the Pioneer report frame rates of 23.97 which I think is a frame rate that plays well with the Pioneer DVR (and other set top boxes). Any thoughts? Richard
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