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All must be well with Surewest, no recent posts. The wife noticed issues with KCRA 3/603 yesterday when watching football and figure skating, namely a jerking/skipping effect. Anyone else seeing this? She watched the game live as she recorded skating, and while watching the recorded skating today we see the jerky/skipping thing going on. No other channels seem to do this.
OK - Called in today to see if I could renew my discounts, talked to CSR, not much just a couple of bucks for autopay etc.... Asked for the customer retention rep. After a short conversation all is well. Fast forward a couple of hours. TV/Phone/Internet/Email/MySurewest - all out/gone. Apparently the Discount button is just a little too close to the Disconnect button. Couple of hours later and one pissed off wife(Tennis anyone?), everything is back, I think. Need to check...
Just got a letter from Surewest saying I have to upgrade to the DVR box by Feb 22. They are phasing out the Amino box apparently. OK - just got the upgrade yesterday, I noticed last night the blue HD indicator light on the STB in the bedroom stays on even when the box is powered off. The DVR HD light goes off when the box is powered off. On both boxes the HD light stays on even when watching an SD channel. Anyone had this issue? Mike
I'm not getting any of those new channels even after a reboot. I don't have the DVR or Mediaroom. Mike
I got the notice yesterday. Don't like it, but what am I going to do? Everything is going up.
Adinn - Thanks for your post on the discounts. I called today to inquire and they gave me the same - $10 off iptv and $10 off internet for 6 months, such a deal! I also signed up for digital phone - I thought I had it but I don't use the phone much. Mike
Tubaruba - I hooked up a new A/V receiver Tuesday and channel 643 (HGTV) seems to have had momentary freezes/pixelation in the early evening. It stopped later on and did not occur yesterday. Mike
Wrote a letter to the president of Onkyo - it was forwarded to Mr. Cooper who basically told me I was SOL. I've got a Pioneer VSX-519 coming today, my last setup was Pioneer separates from 1975 and worked flawlessly. I will never buy Onkyo again.
Just an update. I took my 803 to a local repair shop and just got the repair estimate - $715! It appears the DSP board is 'a sick puppy'. I'm already $210 into it. Time to look elsewhere. Piece of garbage. Mike
Dragon_Lee - I sent mine off to So Cal for repair and got it back 6 weeks later. Hooked up some speakers and turned it on - no audio! Did a reset, got audio, great. Couple of hours later I turned it back on - no audio! Called USACO and we walked through the reset again. Got audio. Next day I turned it on to check - again, no audio! Not sure what the problem is but at $40 to ship it this could get pricey. Mike
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