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The DSP update solves the popping problem when bitstreaming DTS MA from HD-DVD and Blu-ray players on certain discs. The firmware update solves the lip-sync and source switching dropout. They worked as advertised for my system
1. VCR 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. 64 secs 5. No. Used a Pioneer 301 DVR Used NERO to burn the audio CD (CD-R). It wrote just DSP #1 as DSP2 and DSP3 were already at the right rev level. If the RX display does not say "Writing" at around the 14 sec point (DSP1 update), you know something is wrong with either the CD or the player. Let me assure you, it was nearly as easy as updating my Blu-ray player. As long as the CD and the player work correctly. Jim
1 minute 4 seconds. 3 updates occur DSP1 @ ~ 7 secs, DSP2 @ ~40 secs and DSP3 @ ~ 60 secs. The display will show "writing" as the DSPs update. All may not update (DSP1 will for sure) depending on their current version numbers. Wait 10 minutes if the unit does not shut off itself (mine didn't). Then turn it on and check the DSPs to ensure they are at the right version. Jim
We'll know more after Joerod's dinner with his Onkyo contact tonight
I'm running 2.3 and don't have any problems with Coyote Ugly. I've gone through 4 returns and have finally got one that seems to work consistently (knock on wood).
The 605 does not have the RS232 interface
Confirmed. My 705 has the RS232 connector.
Thanks Jeremy. Leaving the last letter off solved the problem. Jim
I went to download from the link and its states my serial number is not registered -- it is registered. I tried to re-register and it shows me as registeralready
Anyone else tested the 2.45 FW update? It's hanging at the menu on Coyote Ugly and Enchanted for me. Won't respond to the select on enter buttons. I've tested the disc on my Sammy 1200 which (surprisingly) works fine
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