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No shipping notice yet. My pre order of the 55" from 4/21 still shows as processing on the Sony site, although they did call me to confirm it was me that actually placed the order.
I jumped in with both feet, a week or so before any reviews started surfacing when the XBR4 was released and I have no regrets over that decision. Maybe I can catch lightning in a bottle twice?? I don't get the Sony EPP. It's offered by Sony to my parent company, which would explain why you can get 25 points, and I only ended up with 10.
Just preordered a 55" 900B 10% off using EPP.
Thanks for the correction. Anyone with a 55" attached to one of these type of stand mounts?
Slightly off topic, but I'm thinking of replacing a 46" XBR4 with a 55" X900B. I realize that the X900A wasn't offered in 55 inch size, but I'm curious if any of you current owners have used something like below to mount the 65" version. If so, any feedback regarding stand size, rigidity, stability, etc. would be appreciated. http://www.amazon.com/Kanto-S10321-37-Inch-70-Inch-Displays/dp/B00B0MEXEG/ref=pd_sim_sbs_etk_hg_fd__41?ie=UTF8&refRID=0TNERT35D6M9WNE2DZB2
If left unplugged for 30+ minutes, then powered back up, is the effect immediately as intense as in the above pix, or does it take some time to develop to that point?
Looking at the pic, it's sort of tough to tell, due to the lack of RF signal presence, hence "snow" on screen. I'd guess from the irregularity of the shape, that the backlight tubes in that area aren't fully illuminated. I say that because you can see the tcon addressing is somewhat working because the snow is present beneath the haze. But that wouldn't cause the green haze condition. Is it safe to say this condition exists on all inputs? The green is typically...
Since you get menu overlay, not the Tcon. Does the menu show up at what could be considered a "typical" video level? Or is it extremely dark/hard to make out? Do you have access to the set? If so, with the set on, shine a flashlight directly into the screen from 6"-12" away. If you see hints of an image, possibly the inverter(s) or the backlight is just shot. If you can't see any hint of an image, then it's probably the video I/O board. Also is it an XBR3, and not...
Write down all settings for each input and all general settings (the ones univesal to the tv) and then use the procedures in this doc to do a factory reset. Midway down page 56. http://www.docs.sony.com/release/KDL40XBR6.pdf
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