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A faceless man does what (s)he's paid to. OK, saying she'll kill Dany is mostly a joke, but, don't you think she's being trained as an assassin so she can kill someone important to the plot? I mean there must be a target to justify this much of the plot, right? If not Dany, who? It's kind of like, why is Bran being a Warg so important? I'm guessing it has something to do with him Warging onto one of the dragons. No? Then into what? And freaking Theon? What is his...
She'll be hired by, oh, I don't know.....Jamie?
I'm still betting on Arya assassinating Dany.
I, too, REALLY like this show, and wish it was on a different network. If it was it would have been renewed already.
Not a trend. A "legitimate advancement procedure".
The Black (eyed) Wedding?
Patton Oswald? Not in Cap2.
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