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So, you're saying this here should be great? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121426 That will work with my HP p6210f?
My ATI 4800 card is starting to fail me and I think I want to switch to Nvidia (maybe?). It's been a while since I bought this card, so I like to think I can get something way better now. $100-$175 price range Need it to carry both 1080p video & Dolby digital audio to my Onkyk receiver via HDMI 3 monitor support might be cool, but not necessarily 'needed'. I use this computer big time with XBMC and use my Panasonic plasma as a second monitor to use XBMC on. quote: HP...
Ok, it has something to do with my receiver I think. Onkyo TX-SR606. Like I said, 24 Hz 1080p works, but anything above that doesn't. 30 Hz is 1080i. This really sucks, because everything looks great on 24 Hz 1080p, but then when I turn on an SD TV show, it lags horrible because of the refresh rate. How can I get 60 Hz 1080p to work? I have to go through the receiver so I can get HD audio.
Everything is up to date. A bit of an update, if I set it to 24p 1080p, it works and displays at 1080p. But, I'd like for my refresh rate to be higher than that, as menus on XBMC aren't smooth anymore. I tried 50 Hz (PAL) and that doesn't work.
I use my TV as a secondary display so I can use XBMC off my computer on it. Problem is, my TV won't accept 1080p signals from the TV, but it does from everything else? Here's my setup: PC > DVI input > DVI to HDMI cable adaptor > Onkyo reciever > Panasonic TV Anytime on my computer I change the HZ from 30 to 60, it gives me a blank display on my TV. Won't I don't understand is that my PC is sending a 1080p signal to my primary display, my LCD monitor, my Onkyo...
Hey guys, I've got a Onkyo 7100 system from a few years back. The HDMI hardly works now. I have to wait 20+ minutes, sometimes longer for the HDMI to swap over to my Xbox or whatever else is hooked into it. This has become unbearable, so maybe I just need a new receiver. What's the best upgrade I could do for my system as far as a new reciever goes for under $300? This is the system I have: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...N82E16882120123 Or, is there an...
So, there's still no such thing as 3D glasses for this set under $70, right?
Is there still not any deals on 3D glasses? I've had my GT25 for about 4 months and just absolutely love it...but, dropping $180 on two pairs of glasses is just crazy...that third person that wants to watch the movie is screwed, too...
Anybody have any history with Conway Corporation's HD package? Thinking about upgrading..
Can anybody in this thread vouch for a great pair of 3D glasses for the GT25? The glasses are kind of an investment, so I don't want to find out the hard way with this talk of crosstalk.
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