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I would add to what zieglj01 said. Piano and Violin sound so natural and real. I have the NHT Classic Three on audition and this speaker while not perfect gets so many things right at its price point that keeping the beautifully crafted and excellent NHT Classic Three is not even a consideration. The precision of the bass is amazing. It will make a cheap sub sound bad. I may the crossover to 60HZ until I get a better sub than the PL-200 I have it in that that room. I am...
Try them you will like them. I was fortunate enough to catch the $369. Actually I paid a few bucks more as I had to have them overnight. I never owned anything with a horn and hated most horns I ever heard. These are not like those. These are smooth and so clear. I kind of wish I had bought two pairs and a center that day as well.
I have the PSB Image B15s and an Image Center. They are quite veiled. I second ziegs's suggestion. The JBL Studio 530 has pushed aside a number of other speakers here including a very highly regarded NHT Classic 3 which is the best speaker in the house. The JBL Studio 530 is currently sitting on a pair of Image T45s which go back in my living room for surrounds on my main home theater when I get appropriate stands. Nothing wrong with the PSBs they just don't offer the...
I don't have the JBL 5 Series towers but I can tell you the bookshelves have plenty of bass so I am sure the towers can throw some weight around. I have older PSB towers (Image 65 and 45s). The JBL Studio 530 has a much cleaner sound and is more musical. I can't speak to the latest PSB Image or Imagine Towers but the older ones are kind of dark in upper frequencies and nowhere as revealing or musical as the JBL Studio 530
Have you listened to the JBL Studio 5 series. I too have been through the many speaker thing and I picked up the JBL Studio 530 bookshelves on sale last week. I entertained the idea of buy Motion 40s and spent some time with them on a couple of occasions in the local Best Buy/Magnolia listening room. Nice smooth somehow I expected more out of them. I got the JBLs based on some very limited but very positive reviews. I was never really a JBL guy but these are impressive.
The Boston A26 is a better speaker from what I read. WhatHiFi and others give it 5 stars.
If you can catch a sale price the JBL Studio 530 at under $400 while kind of startling on the styling are tremendously good speakers. They are smooth, superbly balanced and I have been auditioning a lot of speakers. I bought a lot of stuff. These are going to get me to send back the NHT Classic Three. So far these speakers seem to get everything right. I have them in Pure Direct and I would be happy with them sans subwoofer.
I just pulled a pair of Studio 530s out of the box. I can't hook them up until tomorrow, I can hardly wait. The styling is kind controversial and might scare small children or anger fussy wives The big towers might even be more menacing. I understand they do better with the grilles off.
I never quite got used to paying sales tax on Amazon purchases here in Texas. Odd politics in that one. Yeah that was the upside of a Market Place seller.
I ordered overnight. I dithered today and ended up with a Market Place seller but Prime. I really prefer Amazon to be the seller. I can't really see a warranty claim. But I like to use Amazon directly because of the way they handle returns.
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