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I think everyone can kind of understand what near-field is.. But do you want to define mid-field.
Depending on your willingness to invest in the set the correct answer to dramatically improved the image on the 82740 is to properly calibrate it using external color management via either a Radiance Lumagen or an EEColorbox and something like ChromaPure or SpectraCal. Once you do that you have a totally different television. You will do it in Bright... Brilliant worthless for anything resembling accurate color. You can have a bright snappy picture with dead spot on...
I want to express my continuing great satisfaction with my 92840. I was never that enamored of my 82837. It just did not put out the light or even come close to the image the 92840 produces, Now the Lumagen gets the color right and the Darbee dramatically improves the perceived sharpness. I wasn't lucky enough to have bought my 92840 for $2500 like some here but I didn't pay anything remotely close to suggested price either. My Lumagen came with a meter and software and...
Not to be a shill for Darbee, but Darbee processing is integrated into the latest Lumagens also there is a new Oppo with Darbee processing the 103D I believe. The benefits are undeniable and the fact that bed Blu-Ray maker and Video Processor maker have adopted should be testimony enough.The Darblet is funny beast with regard to handshaking it does not like to see power blips, I have a very early example. Fortunately my whole setup is on UPS.I previously did my HDMI...
They did this in my market 2 years ago at least. I have an antenna and a cable card. I watch the local on antenna unless there is a service problem... OTA is a better picture than cable. And it so easy to get mad at Comcast I always want the option to tell them to stuff it.
Is this likely to work for the Center as well as the bookshelves and towers? I know I am very interested because I really like these speakers but the tweeters definitely don't sound right. I have 4 bookshelves, two towers and a center channel. Will it be a pretty straightforward DIY?
JRiver supports high bit rates over HDMI. The limit would be I assume the limits specified in the target devices EDID. I have a 5 year old or so Pioneer Elite that has no objection at all to accepting stereo or multichannel in at 24/192. This is routine stuff for JRiver. In output format you would normally specify 24 bits in a 32 bit package and HDMI is happy with that. If you are using a receiver some only support 96K others 192K. Some high end receivers may allow...
They do play at the same time. I just have the simple Line out Dock (L7). I don't think you have option to choose on or the other they are both always on.
Which floors me when auto-calibration does not even work. Costco has the 1030 for like $399. I have a couple of entry level Sony's around here and I have always wonder if the incredibly quick calibration process was really just a sham.
I have installed MC 19 on at least 7 machines here at home.
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