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What Fi car driver did you test? I have no doubt the 24 is awesome as it has the most displacement of any driver besides novelty drivers.
JD, It was a joke.
Selling this awesome little, one rack space, 8 channel amplifier. This will provide 85 watts of real power to 4 ohms per channel and stable to 2 ohms. Shipping included.
Selling the Bassis. This thing is awesome for sealed setups and wanting more low end. Shipping is included.
Cool, I am running Fi car audio myself! I would love to hear some comparisons and graphs from previous systems. I know my drivers have a lower Fs for the low stuff being IB drivers.
Cool, next week I am comparing my DR-250 arrays against the mighty U215 from Yorkville. People say these are on par with the very best at GTG's so I will know where I stand with my arrays.
Hey, what subs are you running now? Any graphs?
No magic, just lots of low end boost! It ranges from 1-24 dBs of boost or the manual says it lowers the Fs down as much as two octaves. My drivers have the same F3 and F6 as the 24 but until I get a proper mic for the low end again the 24 rolls off less to 10hz. I might order the minidsp nano and give it a try for the auto EQ with REW and my speakers! If it works I won't need the Bassis anymore but I do love it.
Bringing back an old thread here. BTW, those speclab graphs show that there was lots of low stuff still missing from TIH from the digital graph so imagine that 12 out 14 people knew it played lower now add in the rest of the low end and at much higher levels to get the full digital accurate playback and you guys would not think twice about which is better
Beast, Do you still want to try out the bassis? It adds 10 dBs per octave under 25hz for me and more if I want. To get an idea that is like me having 20 of my drivers for under 25hz! So rather than adding more drivers one can just add the Bassis! Of course this assumes you have enough displacement to begin with which you do.
New Posts  All Forums: