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It's called the amazing life. It is on a couple movies with one being Indiana Jones and the kigdom of the crystal skull. It's at the beginning of the first few Star Wars as well.
Well, expectations of Godzilla are low since all others were cheese fests and I love them. I grew up watching them on Thansgiving all the time. Same way I like Pacific Rim, just give me some monsters destroying cities and I am happy. Just watch some old Godzillas and I am sure this one will be better from just a graphics point of view. I did not like the American version because of course we can kill the beast in NY! Indestructible in Japan though, they must use weak...
Well, if Tom Cruise is in it then bass will be good
Just bigger budget?
I just ordered a nano minidsp with the mic. I also will be picking up the u215's for a fellow member and then after demoing them I will ship them to him. I will EQ every system and compare my DIY speakers to the u215's and see which I like more. So far I like my horn arrays better than everything else that crossed their path and the big boys are only left. I am curious if the big boys can really separate from them or not. I consider the U215's one of the big boys but...
My room shakes and you feel it, not hear it.
It depends on goals. I have owned FLH, Tapped horns, ported, LLT's, sealed, and IB.
What Fi car driver did you test? I have no doubt the 24 is awesome as it has the most displacement of any driver besides novelty drivers.
JD, It was a joke.
Selling this awesome little, one rack space, 8 channel amplifier. This will provide 85 watts of real power to 4 ohms per channel and stable to 2 ohms. Shipping included.
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