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Per the notice I got, as of August 23, Premium Channels will be (from my memory) 4 HBO, 2 Cinemax, 1 Showtime, 1 Starz. Everything else is gone. You're essentially paying for the premium VOD. Of course, I don't have a Comcast cable box, so I have to *also* pay for XBox Live Gold, or use a computer.
I've long since given up on MLB Extra Innings on cable. I'm with MLB.tv on AppleTV from now on.
Why wouldn't I have a CableCARD?
They "may"? Do you have a link for this? That would suck hard. My version of "cord cutting" will involve maintaining a subscription for Limited Basic rather than using an antenna (and using TiVos to record), but that won't work if there's no HD.
I have the TV on a shelf. My son (20 months old) can just barely reach it. Not enough to do any damage to himself or the TV, but enough to turn it off with the giant power toggle that's under the screen. Any way to disable that or cover it up so it doesn't do anything when he touches it?
I had a capacitor replacement recently. Their official policy is they'll cover it within 3 years of the manufacture date of the TV. They made an exception for me after I called a couple of times. My manufacture date was February 2008, I bought the TV in April of 2008, and they fixed the capacitor for free in July of 2011. They said that if the technician came out and discovered that my problem wasn't a capacitor, I would have to pay the technician's ordinary fee for...
If you're buying something for MLB.tv, as opposed to using something you already have, I heartily recommend the $99 AppleTV. I've had no buffering. I occasionally get down-rezzed to a lower resolution picture when there's congestion, but almost all the time the picture is nearly indistinguishable from 720p HDTV. I have a 6500 but haven't used it for MLB.tv other than one test, during the off season, before I bought my AppleTV.
My 4671f is starting to do this weird thing when I turn it on. It seems like it's cycling through turning itself on and off over and over again. Sometimes a switch of output resolution from the source device (such as pressing the TiVo button to go from HD content to SD menus, or the "live tv" button for the opposite) will fix it. It also seems to be shutting itself off randomly. Anyone seen this kind of behavior before and know what it might be?
The Sixers. A rare 3 sport night in Philly. Flyers, Sixers and Phillies (on channel 17).I've contemplated dropping to limited basic and filling in the non-OTA stuff with Amazon purchases. I'm not even a Philly fan. Oddly, one of the few things keeping me with higher tier service is the 18 Phillies-Mets games a year, which I can't get through MLB.tv. Though, as you mention, some of those are on 17 or 29 and some are on ESPN3 (I think there is one Phillies-Mets game on a...
I would bet not. They're advertising "up to 24 HD games a week" on indemand.com. There are games that start at 1 ET, 4 ET, 7 ET and 10 ET. If there were 4 a day that would be 28. Minus Saturday afternoons and Sunday nights you get 4 a day 5 days a week, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. That's 24. All on the one channel.If you don't have DirecTV, the answer for baseball, this year even more than years past, is to get an AppleTV, a Roku, a Boxee Box, a Samsung Blu-Ray...
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