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Sorry to disagree, Nayan, but it is BHN's fault. AS ejb stated, the feed was available, BHN choose to not show the game. they could have put it on an alternative or temp channel or at least told Center Ice wasn't being shown locally to let us who get Center Ice watch the game. A total failure on BHN's part. As ejb said, DirecTV showed the game on an alternate Sunsports channel meaning D* shows both the Magic and Lightning at the same time.
Where is the Lightning game?? The guide says its on 1149, FS Florida. But instead the Magic game is on. If you are going to bump a huge game for the playoff bound Bolts for a meaningless nba game, at least show the Bolts on an alternate channel. Didn't have this problem with DirecTV.
But they still blackout the local rays games, right? Which I don't understand. They basically shown the exact local broadcast with commercials and all, so what are they losing by allowing the Rays to be shown locally on MLB.TV? Don't get it.. Same for BHN not showing SunSports or FS Florida on the BHN app. Don't get that either. And my final rant of the night, did anyone watch the show TURN about the revolutionary war spies on Long Island? I enjoyed the show but was I...
I subscribe to NHL Center Ice. Whenever the New York based broadcasts go to commercial or in between period breaks, a well be right back pops up instead of the commercial or the intermission show. Is this an NHL issue with MSG? Also, why doesn't BHN show the pre-Game shows? I recall those were shown when I was with DirecTV. Thanks for any info..
I asked this in the DSL forum.. Why does a Michgan notice mean we (Central Florida) are getting the same thing? They have the Starz HD channels, right? Or at least other areas do. Yet we are still waiting. Just asking.
ARe you saying that certain boxes in Central Florida can see the remaining Starz HD channels? If so, I have an MPEG 4 box. The Cisco 8642 HDC, per the link in my post, has MPEG 4 capability. So why can't I see the other channels? I wish someone would just step up and clarify this once and for all.
Wait.......channels? Plural? I have an MPEG 4 compatible box, Cisco 8642, and I only get one HD channel. The Cisco customer info sheet below says its MPEG 4 compatible. So how come I'm not getting more than one channel?http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/video/series-8000-digital-cable-set-tops/7015625A.pdf
I use a universal remote control that I had programmed for Brighthouse. When I hit the B button on my universal, it brings up the new search screen. It's the new search page that has the box art for the shows and movies and has what's hot, keyboard, Genres, and in progress along the left-hand side. Keyboard, is obviously what you use to type in the name of whatever you were searching for. I have attached a copy of what it looks like on my TV. Again, this is what I get when...
Why the heck is The Matrix Revolutions in SD on 1035?
I have the Cisco box 8742, I believe, and I am not getting the Starz HD channels - well, I can get them if I go thru a bunch of button pressing. But they are not in the guide. I don't think that is an MPEG problem.
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