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Still trying to figure that one out, DD! What really sucks is that if you know how, you can tune to the available HD channels. I just pulled up 4-5 of them. It's really strange why they are there but can't be listed in our guide for easy access.
When I was with DirecTV, you could attach an external e-Sata hard drive to hold all your recordings. It was limited only by the size of the external hard drive. Do the BHN boxes have this capability? It's not a new feature. It's been around for years.
HD, the best thing about channel 1000 is we don't have to hear the Bright House B.....uh babe anymore. that is so annoying. I just wish they added some more features like quick access to favorites or last 4 or 5 channels watched. Goats....can't watch SD at all. I am an HD snob and proud of it!!
Same happened to a friend. They unplugged the box for a couple of minutes and after the reboot channel 1000 showed up.
Gary, we, or at least I wasn't making the assumption on the Starz HD channels based on TWC. Back at the end of December, HD Orlando said BHN posted the January notice and the notice from BHN directly said: On or after January 10, 2014, the following services will be added to the SDV System. Starz Customers may need to exchange their digital converters for a different model to receive these channels Starz Comedy HD East Premium Channel 1472 Starz Edge HD East Premium...
The Starz HD situation really irritates me. What's the big deal with getting them up? And why the big secret as to why they aren't there? BHN has them up in other parts of the country! Why cant we get them or at least an explanation or date?
I forgot about the free preview. Any bets on whether or not they get the additional Starz HD channels up in time for the free preview? Maybe they picked the first weekend of March Madness to run the preview on purpose hoping no one would notice the lack of the additional HD channels. BTW, I really enjoyed Black Sails. Although some folks wanted more piratey action, I liked the politics of running Nassau. It felt like it was just getting going though when the season...
Heck, you guys up in Indiana have all the Starz HD channels, don't you? We can't even get those, let alone Epix!!
Hopefully they are not waiting on Starz to do the update or else we will never get it..But in all seriousness, the update has started rolling out to some other areas. I know Detroit, Deland, Ormond Beach, etc. hs gotten it. I am not sure why Central Florida hasn't gotten it yet unless BHN is using the other area a beta testers. But I imagine it will be coming within a week or so. But be warned, anyone who has one of the antiquated Scientific Atlanta 8300 DVRs will NOT be...
The new user interface was launched in parts of North Central Florida (Deland, Deltona, Palm Coast, maybe Ormond). It looks like the antiquated Scientific Atlanta 8300 Boxes will not be able to get the update. Does anyone know how to get BHN to switch out a SA box for one of the newer boxes so that we can get the updated software? A couple of folks have asked in the other forum (DSL Reports) but no one seems to know how. One person tried take his SA to the office to switch...
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