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And you will get the commercial free Sony Movie channel, if I remember correctly.
When I was with DirecTV last year, I had very few issues. Of course I lost signal once in a while during a good thunder storm, but during a regular rain storm I rarely lost signal. If you did get a lot of signal interruption even during a fairly minor shower, your dish likely needed to be realigned. Maybe I was just lucky or had a good installer, but I had DirecTV for 16 years and it was never enough of an issue to consider switching. And for the times I did lose signal,...
Here is an article on what Comcast says they are planning in the future. They probably have way more money to spend on upgrades than BHN has. I would opt for this if available. http://www.multichannel.com/distribution/comcast-outlines-tech-‘playbook’-twc/148288
I wonder what, if anything, this means for rumored guide/user interface upgrades that have been hinted may be coming soon? If this prevents these from coming, I will be very upset. Heck, we cant even get Starz HD channels.
HD, what do you mean by a stand alone channel? BHN would only get the one main Epix HD channel, sort of like the one Starz HD channel? Or do you mean it will be a separate charge for the EPIX package, if you know? Your guesses are usually pretty good (I won't hold the Starz fiasco against you, though!!). BTW, EPIX looks like it has a decent movie library. From Wikipedia, the library includes programming from: Paramount Pictures (along with film content from its...
Must have missed The Jewelry channel in the Guide! LOL! ! Maybe if (when) we get the HD guide update we will be able to customize the guide to only show the channels we want it to show.
Jewelery TV?? Really? We are getting this but can't get the 5 additional Starz HD channels??
True. But different companies, different policies, different equipment. I wasn't comparing support. I was only suggesting to Nayan that she consider the protection plan when she moves to DirecTV.
There is no question that you will lose signal on occasion. But if the dish is properly aligned it shouldn't happen all too often. but it will happen. Unless it is a whopper of a storm, the outage won't be for too long. but two things to combat that. One is to always have something to watch on the DVR (if you get one); and two, is get the protection plan. It is so worth the extra money. A call to tech support will get you to someone quick and all your equipment is covered...
Nayan, there is a great forum for D* customers over at DBSTalk.com. Very helpful folks over there when you make the move. Here are some shots of some of the mix channels.        
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