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Nayan, have you tried only logging into the Olympic stuff? Because as someone posted on the DSL forum, the access is only good for Olympic product. If you try to log in to watch something else, like soccer or hockey, you will be asked to get authorized and BHN will NOT be listed. This access appears to be for the Olympics only. So go to the Olympic material in the app (sorry I don't have an Android phone so I can't tell you how to do that) and then see if you find the BHN...
What type of device are you trying to use? Apple, Android, Windows Phone, etc? I have an iPad and iPhone and they both updated. Check again this morning but if it doesn't work, go to the appropriate app store and search for the Live Extra app and check the date it was last updated. If it lists something like yesterday or today, just delete the app already on your device and re-download the app again. That should get you the up to date app. Hopefully.
Thanks for the heads up. Really nice update besides the BHN access.
I miss the mix channels that DirecTV sets up with 4-6 events on one screen. The remote allows you to navigate from box to box to listen to the audio. Hitting enter takes you directly to the HD full screen channel. The BHN boxes seem to old to allow this although D* has had this available for many years now.
Gary, over in the DSL forum, said he would have an Olympic related announcement tomorrow. Maybe it will be about the channel grouping and/or the Live Extra app..
Nothing similar here in central Florida that I could find.
Wow, that's cool. What are the channel numbers? Are they in HD or SD or both? Will check when I get home. That will make Olympic surfing easier! Now all we need is a mix channel like DirecTV uses with 4-6 boxes on one screen.
I just noticed that the additional Starz HD channels are available in the BHN iPad app. I wonder why they would be on the app but not regular tv. Might this be a sign?
I'm looking at some of the companies that do have access to the Live Extra app and it borders on ridiculous that BHN doesn't. Some of the names: Algona Cable Communications, Arkwest Communications, BTC Communications, Buckeye Cable System, Click20Cable, Cross TV, East Arkansas Cable, Frankfort Plant Board, Home Town Cable, Mid-Hudson Cable, Paul Bunyan Communications, Resort TV Cable, South Central Rural Telephone Coop., Spencer Municipal Utilities, Vicksburg Video,...
If, and more and more it's looking like it's a BIG if, we get access to the NBC Sports Live Extra app, does anyone know if that would come as an app update or will it just show up in the approved list of providers in the app itself without an app update? I am trying to remember what happened when DirecTV got the WatchESPN app access and I can't remember how it went. Side question - why would we get authorization to the NBC Olympics site on the web but not the app access?...
New Posts  All Forums: