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Still no news on the additional Starz HD additions. Man, this takes a long time. If Willow HD is added as fast as the Starz HD channels, they may see it by March, maybe.
Question. When you subscribe to a premium, say Starz, aren't you supposed to get the On Demand channels? I added Starz but am not able to get the Starz On Demand on 287. It tells me to call to receive this channel. I do get the other Starz SD channels. This Doesn't seem right. Any ideas? Thanks.
I want nbc universal for Olympic programming. Probably carry something like curling or hockey as the main channels will have nonstop figure skating!! Do the Movie Pass channels, Hallmark, etc, have commercials or are they commercial free? I remember on DirecTV the Sony movie channel was commercial free but MGM wasn't. Thanks.
It was a mixed bag for me. I thought some of the SFX looked absolutely fantastic and much more realistic. But I also thought it made the scene look too vivid, for lack of a better term. The one scene that stands out for me was from the first film during the battle of the Stone Giants. The lightning that was flashing looked like spot lights going on and off illuminating actors on a sound stage. Completely pulled me out of the movie mode at that moment. It's sort of the...
Before today I had HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. I called today today to add Starz and added it for an additional $5.00. Not exactly sure how much the package was before I added it but it was around $35 a month for the 3. So if it's up to $40 than its less than $10 a month for each premium. Now for the other HD channels to come I.
It should be on the one HD channel we now get, yes, but it's hard to order Starz for one HD channel without any knowledge of when the remaining channels will be up.
I hate to harp on the NBCSports app, but do you guys think it's a real possibility before February 6th? I really want it before the Sochi games start.
HD, do you think there is a chance we will get access to the NBCSports Live Extra app? The video that is shown when you click on the banner announcing the streaming option references the app so I am not sure why they would use that video if app access wasn't a part of the deal. And I will be extremely disappointed if we do not get this app access.
Received a BHN email last night announcing access to NBCOlympics.com using the my services log in information. The confusing part is this, as it says: Not in front of a TV? No problem, use your My Services login to watch 1000+ hours of live streaming video online and on most wireless devices at NBCOlympics.com. Does this mean that the only way to watch on a tablet or phone is thru the NBCOlympics.com site or does it mean we will be able to use the Live Extra App? I am...
I thought last night's episode was one of the weaker ones in while. This brilliant guy who is paid millions to hide people gets caught at a convenience store? And then all he can do is pull a gun? Meh! And enough with the husband and the family stuff already!! A baby shower? Give me a break!! Either the husband is more than just her husband or he's not. Let's get on with that story line.
New Posts  All Forums: