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I haven't watched it yet so let me know what you think!
I agree, Nayan, not spending $10 a month for 1 HD channel although I also want to watch Black Sails. BTW, the first full episode is available online for free here - http://www.starz.com/originals/blacksails/videos/video/371
Now that BHN has authorized access to NBC Olympics.com, does anyone know if we will also get authorization to use the NBC Sports Live Extra app also? This will be useful when not in the office or at home.
I don't know what this means, but I am getting soccer on the sports app on my iPhone. I don't know if that normally happens with the game but it's coming through. I have not tried it on my iPad yet. It did not ask me for any sign in information so it may just be a free game. When I was with DirecTV and they announced new channels, they would be available at 6 AM the morning they were supposed to start. They would show up in the guide automatically.
HD, there is a new Update banner about the Olympics and NBC Universal. When you play the video it says you will have access to the various NBCU channels plus online streaming AND the Live Extra App. Says you need to log in with your my services credentials. But BHN is still not listed in the app as a provider. Is it now just waiting for everything to update? I just don't understand why BHN would announce it if the app wasn't ready for prime time? Anyone have any...
Are there any recommended calibrators for a TC-P65ZT60 in the Central Florida area? Also, dumb question - I tried to find the answer in these posts but there are so many - does in make a difference if a calibrator is THX certified or not? Thanks for any suggestions.
Also hoping that BHN is authorized for the NBC Sports Live Extra app in time for the Olympics. I read an article that BHN and TWC are the only 2 providers not authorized for the app. Given the time difference it would be ice to watch on my iPad or computer.
I have sent off an email to a guy named Jeremy Coleman (jeremy.coleman@siriusxm.com), but no response yet. I found that e-mail somewhere. Should I have sent one to Greenstein also? What the hell, I will send one off to him also. Keep up the good work Terminator840!!
Hi all. I am currently a DirecTV customer but will be moving shortly to a condo that says they only allow BH. Irrespective of whether or not they can restrict me from D* I would consider the option of going with BH after 17 years. I have all the hd on D*, all the pay movie services, NHL Center Ice HD, etc. I know I will lose Sunday ticker but it didnt help with the Bucs this year anyway. I watch a lot of the PPV HD 1080p movies. Finally on D* when there is a conflict...
Would thses work?http://www.amazon.com/DISC-DVD-CASE-PACK/dp/B001KMWOJ2
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