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I was told that by an editor who was involved in the sound editorial and on the dub stage of Noah for the length of the mix. Yes Noah was an Atmos release. My understanding is the mix began in an Atmos dubbing stage and midway moved to a traditional dubbing stage and was remixed in the more traditional format, then an Atmos release was derived from the "traditional mix"
Concerning Dolby Atmos: It is my understanding that "Noah" began it's mix in Atmos and midway changed to a traditional release format, with great expense, due to concerns regarding the limited amount of Atmos theaters "in the wild". A quick check showed one Atmos theater in Manhattan and four in a 150 mile radius of Manhattan. I believe there are less than three certified Atmos re-recording studios in Manhattan. At this moment in time Atmos does not appear to be...
Just my 2 cents but the radiating area in square inches on any Maggie is greater that the radiating area on a 15" sub. I have no measurements at all to back up what I just said but my eyes seem to understand what I am saying.My 12 inch sealed Rythmik F12 blends seamlessly with my Maggie's either in 2 channel music listening or 5.1 theater.I would think either 12" of 15" would be fine, the size of the space you are trying to fill would be the biggest factor.
j2037 Thanks for responding to my question. I totally understand what you are saying and I cannot disagree with your math........I can barely understand it......just kidding! Good Luck on your speaker search and from what I am inferring from you post you are in the planning, perhaps pre-construction phase of your home theater. If that is the case, or even if it is not, good luck and best wishes for finding and building everything to your satisfaction. Best in Music...
Yeah...okay....that too!!!!!
Don I would love to try to shoehorn a 2nd F12 into my room. Can I borrow yours for a few days?
William Moore Yes the new improved 3.7i is a lot of money.....and a lot of love! I am listening, at the moment thru HDMI. I will soon give the analogs a shot and see if it makes any difference for CD's. I need to wrap my head around how to include the sub in the "analog" wiring scheme. As it stands this moment, I wouldn't think the Oppo would have beens such an improvement over my PS3 (yeah I know, I know!) but it is much more more musical both "technically and...
Well I am now a member of the Oppo Club.....and a happy one at that!! I took delivery of a BDP-103 this afternoon. I updated the firmware, went through all the menu options, calibrated the picture, and was watching Blu-Rays in under two hours. As I went through all the menu options I marveled at how logical, well thought out, and understandable the menu's were.....as well as the manual. Wow! Sure beats anything in my memory. Picture quality was superb, Blu-Ray audio...
J2037 Would you please explain why "Maggies are not the go to for HT". As an owner of an all Maggie (except sub.....of course) HT I am curious why you feel the way you do. I have no intentions of defending my choice of speaker and I am absolutely not attacking your choice of speaker, I am merely looking for info. Your are discussing Chapman Loudspeakers I presume. I would like to add them to my "audio radar" and seek them out for an audition if possible. Thanks
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